Acne Pill

There are lots of acne pills available in the market and it is very difficult to choose a good acne pill. Also there are various herbal pills, homeopathic medicines and other therapies available for curing acne.

It is advised to consult a physician and buy acne pills and not buy them without a physicians advise. It might be confusing whether to buy a herbal medicine or allopathic medicine for treating acne. There are so many lotions and creams available in the market and on websites that people get confused while buying.

Some dermatologists might prescribe antibiotics if the acne is severe, while some might prescribe lotions and creams to get rid of acne. It all depends on the severity of acne.

It is advised to go to a dermatologist who would prescribe medicines. There are many stages of acne and there are many types of acne and a dermatologist only would be able to recommend the medications and their dosage. He also would recommend the right type of lotions and creams to be used.

If the dermatologist prescribes an acne pill then take it according to the prescription. Some acne pills could increase the redness and become severe. If you feel any problem while taking acne pills then contact your dermatologist immediately. Do not buy acne pills without consulting your doctor.

It is advised to clean your face often by using cleansers. Washing your face at least three times a day is recommended, but if you exercise, go for jogging, work in a factory environment etc then you need to wash your face after you complete that job.

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