Acne Skin Care – How to Care for Pimple Prone Skin

If you eat pizza, your face will look like a pizza. Popping those pimples will make them dry up and go away faster. Wash your face and keep your hair off your forehead to keep from getting pimples. Eating chocolate will make your acne worse.

When you consider the number of acne myths circulating, it’s sometimes hard to know what the best acne skin care regimen is. Knowledge of which factors actually cause acne can help you separate acne myths from practices that really help to keep your skin acne free. When it comes to what can really clear your complexion, here are some tips.

First, eating pizza in itself is not enough to give your acne. Although eating a high fat, greasy diet is not good for your health or your skin, your eating habits are not the sole cause of your acne.

For good skin health it is advisable to eat a healthy balanced diet and drink lots of water. When you do eat greasy foods, especially those eaten with the fingers – such as pizza or French fries – but careful not to touch your face with your greasy fingers. In fact, greasy fingers on your face may be more responsible for breakouts than eating the greasy food. Acne skin care tip number one – try to eat a healthy diet and keep greasy fingers off your face.

Popping your pimples does not necessarily make them go away faster. In fact, the squeezing and pinching that goes along with popping pimples can actually damage the skin. These actions can push the bacteria in the pimple further into the pore causing infection and possibly even scarring. Acne skin care tip number two – popping pimples can damage the skin and make acne worse. The best advice is not to pop your pimples.

Washing your face at least twice daily is one thing you can do that will help to improve your acne. Your doctor or dermatologist can suggest an over-the-counter cleaning product or prescribe a prescription cleanser if necessary. Cleaning your face helps to wash away excess oil, dirt, old skin cells and bacteria. Some experts even suggest exfoliating acne prone skin regularly. This is because dead skin cells left on the face can block the pores, causing pimples. Acne skin care tip number three – wash your face at least twice daily to keep dead skin cells, oil, dirt and bacteria from building up.

When planning out your acne skin care regimen, there are things you can do to help prevent breakouts. While what you eat does not entirely decide whether or not you will get acne, it is always best to eat a healthy diet. Don’t make popping your pimples a practice. Popping can actually damage the skin and make acne worse. Washing your face at least twice daily, however, is something you can do that will truly help your skin stay clearer. So, when weighing the myths about acne skin care, remember, keep it clean.

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