Acne – The Symptoms

Acne can occur in various types such as pustule, cyst, papule (pimple), blackhead, whitehead etc, and to different people. These spots are noticed most of the times on the face, chest, neck and back. There are two main categories of acne. They may be non-inflammatory and inflammatory.

For non-inflammatory kind of acne, just a few blackheads or whiteheads will appear on the skin crust. They are simple in nature and do not require a physician’s prescription. If you come across blackheads you can use Retin-A, which is an effective remedy. Majority of the people face this problem.

The irritation that is caused due to whiteheads, pustules and papule occur in many areas of the chest, back, groin and face. They lead to acute skin problems such as disfigured cysts and scars. They can be treated only with the help of a physician and even surgery may be recommended at times.

The list of symptoms that are mentioned above are not complete as there are still more. Suppose, you develop some unusual swelling on the face, it is not necessary that it is a symptom of Acne only. It is better you get it diagnosed through a doctor who will understand the problem correctly and provide remedies.

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