Do You Suffer From Body Acne?

Usually, when you think of acne you automatically think of the condition affecting the face. However, for some people, acne also affects the body and it can be just as hard to get rid of as acne on the face. The only advantage to body acne is that most of the time it is not noticeable and in winter most of the body is covered up so most people cannot see it. However, it can still cause problems with depression, relationship problems, and overall self esteem problems.

Body Acne and How it Affects You

Body acne is generally more common on the back, shoulders, chest, and occasionally on the buttocks. It has also been known to affect the armpits and other strange areas.

If you do get acne on your buttocks and no where else on the body, it could potentially be caused by friction during workouts. Ordinary friction will not cause acne, but it does when the friction is increased. One way to try and eliminate this problem is to have a shower after you have finished exercising. This will really help to get rid of any dirt and sweat which accumulates during exercise. It may also help to apply moisturizer to the areas which have had the most friction.

Depending on the severity of the acne, it can sometimes be hard to get rid of. Sometimes back acne can be the hardest to treat and it really can become a nightmare to get rid of.

The cause of acne to the body is currently not known, but it is known that any irritation to the affected area can make it worse. If a person perspires a lot and they wear tight fitting clothing, this is a big benefactor towards acne. Tight fitting clothing makes the trapped sweat on the skin mix with surface oils, and as a result the pores become blocked and blemishes start to form.

Treatment for Body Acne

So how do you treat body acne? Well the treatments are similar to those for facial acne; however, body acne tends to be a little more resistant to treatment. The skin is a lot thicker on the body than it is on the face, and another problem is that there is more friction from clothing on the affected areas. This irritates the acne more hence it flares the condition up.

There are many treatments that can be used to treat body acne. One method which is highly recommended is to apply benzoyl peroxide cleanser in the shower, and apply benzoyl peroxide gel afterwards. This is a really strong elimination method and you should see efficient results. If this does not work, it is best to get advice from a dermatologist, who may prescribe Accutane which is extremely powerful. It is better to have the right attitude when treating body acne. Results will not happen over night, so it is suggested that you pursue with the treatment and not give up on it.

A useful tip which may seem obvious but which many people ignore is to drink plenty of water during the day. If the body is not replenished enough it can lead to dehydration, and in turn this will lead to the dead skin cells not naturally falling off. Due to this, it can lead to blocked pores. So, it is always better to drink as much water as often as possible.

There are many myths surrounding certain factors that are supposed to cause acne to flare up. A prime example is chocolate. This has not been proven to make acne worse so therefore it is a myth. It is better to undertake a well balanced and healthy diet, but the odd bar of chocolate is not going to harm your acne.

Overall body acne is more common than you think and as mentioned, it is fairly hard to get rid of. There are treatments that can help though and consulting your doctor is your best option. They will be able to tell you which treatments will work better for you. Do not expect overly fast results and always take a shower after exercise.

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