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Acne is a problem that almost everyone has faced throughout their lifetime. It seems to occur at the worst times and sometimes never goes away at all. There are many products on the market targeted to clearing up acne, but perhaps the best cures are found in the kitchen right at home. Home cures for acne have no medical backing and no fancy packaging, but many people swear by them. The following lists different remedies, listed by category. Many ingredients can be found at the grocery store. Some ingredients may be found at health food stores.


Nettle tea. Drink four cups per day of this herbal tea.
Water. Drink eight cups per day.
Wheatgrass juice. Drink throughout the day.


Aloe Vera juice. Apply two times a day to speed healing of acne.

A mixture of ground orange peel and water. Apply to acne.

Cucumber. Ground pieces and apply to acne.

Garlic. Rub on acne.

Nutmeg. Mix ground nutmeg with milk and apply to acne.

Lemon juice and cinnamon. Mix lemon juice with equal parts of ground cinnamon and apply to acne.

Papaya juice. Apply to acne to reduce swelling.


Tomato. Mash and apply to acne for 1 hour then wash off.

Pomegranate. Roast and powder. Mix with lime juice and apply to acne.

Sesame seeds. Ground and mix with water. Apply to acne to
reduce swelling.

Salt and vinegar. Mix into a paste. Apply to acne for 30
minutes and wash off.

Honey and cinnamon. Mix into a paste and apply. Keep on
overnight and wash off in the morning.

Many of the ingredients used in these home remedies are herbs or other natural products that have been shown in studies to help with inflammation, have drying properties or to draw out impurities. Home remedies are tried and true recipes that have worked for many people. If a person does not have an allergy to an ingredient than nothing is lost in trying. Acne home remedies can help a person save countless dollars over their drugstore counterparts.

Jeanette Pollock is a freelance author and website owner of skincare-101.com [http://www.skincare-101.com]. Visit Jeanette’s site to learn more about home cures for acne [http://www.skincare-101.com/2006/09/20/home-cures-for-acne/].

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