How To Avoid The Alternative Acne Treatments “Circus” And Design A System That Will Work For You

After enduring years of frustration trying one acne treatment, product, or doctor after another I eventually gave up on convention acne treatments and looked toward acne alternative treatments.

I intuitively knew that antibiotics and drugs weren’t the answer… that the cause of my acne wasn’t a tetracycline or an accutane deficiency. And a cream or gel sure wasn’t going to cure it.

I believe there must be a root cause of acne and there must be a way to fix that cause naturally.

So I shifted my focus to more “natural” acne alternate treatments. I spent years trying every homeopathic, herbal remedies for acne, vitamins for acne, acne diets, detoxification programs… you name it I tried it.

And my experience again and again went something like this: Either the acne alternative treatment did nothing (some even made things worse), or if I was lucky I did get some results but the results were always short-lived.

… my acne always seem to come back.


What was going on here?

Well the breakthrough happened when I learned what the true cause of acne was. Once I discovered that the solution started to make sense.

I could now see why the herbs only worked short term. And why some vitamins for acne helped but didn’t seem to fix the problem.

It was because these acne alternative treatments were only addressing a piece to the cause of acne. So while they helped, the results were only short-lived.

When I was able to put all the pieces together it was a matter of systematically applying with precision the various acne alternate treatments so that each element causing acne was resolved.

So my very best advice to you if you are looking to go down the acne alternative treatments path is to first understand in detail exactly what’s causing your acne. (See The True Cause of Acne.)

Once you know that you’ll be able to quickly determine if that acne alternative treatment you’re thinking about trying will directly resolve the root cause of your acne.

Anything that doesn’t directly address the root cause of your acne is a waste of your precious time and money.

Don’t just blindly try this acne alternative treatments or that herbal acne remedy. But use them in a systematic fashion as part of a calculated plan… A plan that directly addresses each of the elements necessary for hormonal balance (luckily this has already been planned out for you). Do that and you can enjoy long-term, lasting results.

Leo Kiesen suffered severe acne for most of his adolescent and adulthood. He spent over a decade relentlessly studying the “acne problem” and was eventually able to cure his own acne using acne alternative treatments. He now teaches other acne sufferers how to do the same.

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