Medicines For Treating Severe Acne

Acne can become such a severe affliction that the necessity for consulting a certified medical practitioner may come up. The dermatologist will help you select medicines with the minimum harmful side effects, from which you will derive the maximum benefit. You can purchase the prescribed acne medicines from any chemist shop. It is advisable that you discuss in detail with your doctor about the possible side effects of the medication. Before you start the treatment, you may want to find out which medicines are usually prescribed for acne how the medicines work.

Benzoyl Peroxide

This is the medicine of choice. This ingredient is approved by FDA and is a component of most of the over-the-counter drugs as well. However, in prescription medicines, this is present in higher quantities. However, it produces certain side effects like making your skin dry, especially from prolonged use.


Antibiotics dispel several factors that produce acne, like the causative bacteria and the inflammation associated with the infection. Antibiotics that are meant for topical application eliminate the Propionibacterium – the microorganism responsible for aggravating this skin condition. The treatment period will depend on the extent of the infection.

Some of the most frequently used antibiotics include:

Clindamycin – This is available in the form of a gel or a lotion. Patient’s suffering from ulcerative colitis and antibiotic induced colitis should stay away from this treatment. This is used as a topical medicine as ingestion can create severe intestinal disorders.

Erythromycin – This is the most commonly used antibiotic for the treatment of acne. This one has anti-inflammatory properties and is presented as a solution, gel or an ointment. Application may cause some irritation of the skin in sensitive individuals. Nausea and stomach troubles can also occur. However, the drug is quite safe, even pregnant women can use it.

Metronidazole – This antibiotic is used in the treatment of acne resulting from is used to treat acne that is actually rosacea. This antibiotic does not have any serious side effects.

Minocycline – This is a tetracycline derivative, valuable for acne lesions that contain pus. Various side effects include lightheadedness, nausea, and change in skin pigmentation change and discoloration of the teeth.

The treatment may initiate with a high dosage of the prescribed oral antibiotic, and the dose might gradually be reduced as the condition improves. It may take months to achieve complete cure.


Topical ointments having retinoids as the main ingredient are very common and effective prescription drugs for acne. Persistent acne might need oral pills. However, the ointment may make the skin overtly sensitive to sunlight. So you will need to use a sunscreen lotion with high SPF if you are on a retinoid therapy.

Oral contraceptives

These are prescribed for acne that is caused by hormonal imbalance in teenagers. These comprise a combination of estrogen and progesterone. These restrain the male hormone androgen which is supposedly responsible for excessive oil production. With less oil on the skin. The acne should recede fast.

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