Natural Acne Treatment – How Does It Compare To Medication?

Acne and zits!!! Ugly red bumps and blemishes on the face that everyone would
rather not have.

We know acne come by during puberty but what can we do when pimples pop up
everywhere on our body, especially the face?

Almost everyone experiences acne or pimples, as about 85% of people aged 12 to
18 will get acne to some degree. In either case, waiting to ‘outgrow’ acne is a
serious mistake as medical treatment can improve your appearance and prevent the
development of severe acne scars.

Mild acne may be treated successfully with over-the-counter medication. Acne is
considered mild if only the face is affected and the blemishes are mostly white
heads and blackheads and inflamed lesions are few. On the other hand, there is
the greater risk for scarring with severe acne, where multiple inflamed lesions
or large cystic lesions are present.

Natural acne treatment is also available to prevent the development of acne and
reduces acne scars. While natural acne treatment usually provides longer lasting
result, where necessary it’s also useful to know how other treatments can help.
Here is what you can do with your acne problem:

  1. Topical treatment (medication applied to the skin): Mild acne usually responds well to such treatment. It includes sulphur, resorcinol, or benzoyl peroxide containing products that can be easily bought off the shelves. Others include preparations containing vitamin A derived gel or cream (e.g. adapalene, tretinoin), or antibiotic gel or lotion (e.g. clindamycin, erythromycin). These preparations may make the skin red, dry or flaky, but this effect is usually temporary. Regular use of some of these preparations especially the vitamin A derived products can help prevent relapses of acne by gently unclogging the blocked skin pores.
  2. Oral treatment (e.g. pills and tablets): If acne is more severe, antibiotic tablets (e.g. tetracyclines, erythromycin) may help. Whichever antibiotic you are prescribed, you will probably have to take it for a few months. For very serious cases which do not respond to the above treatment, tablet isotretinoin maybe given. Whatever treatment you are using to treat your acne, be patient. You need to remember that all treatments take about 4 to 6 weeks to show initial benefits, so you must persist and not give up.
  3. Natural Acne Treatment (by following a proven system): This is a more holistic way to heal, restore and have beautiful clear skin. If you desire attain long-term permanent results without any side effects such as those that may be present in the above two treatments, then consider getting onto a program that stop acne at it’s source. You can find out the specific steps for this program in the website at

Christoper Gryson has tried all kinds of acne treatment. After years of drug therapy, countless visits to dermatologists, and recurring bouts, he has found a natural acne treatment [] which can be done in the comfort of home. These propriety information have been complied into a step-by-step guide book which you can review at []

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