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Facial peels are a way to remove acne, acne scars, wrinkles, age spots, and other skin surface problems, but before you go and pay $99 to $299 for your next chemical facial peel from a spa or doctors office, here’s some facts about the horrific dangers of these procedures, and more importantly what the safe, natural and more effective alternative may be…

A chemical facial peel is the process of a doctor, or esthetician applying a burning acid to your face and neck. Facial peels are a fruit acid that literally burns the dead skin off your face so a new layer of skin can take it’s place.

The problem with fruit acid peels is that acid is insensitive to dead and living cells. It can’t tell the difference between cells that are actually dead, and need to be removed from the face and the living, acive and growing cells that, if burned can cause permanent scarring, inflammation, and other painful side effects.

Acid peels do just what they promise to do, they literally burn the skin. the dead skin on the surface of your face is called the corneum. Underneath the corneum is a layer of the skin called the basal cell layer. The basal cell layer is a layer of skin where new skin cells are born and actively growing. If too much damage is done to this precious layer of skin visible scarring can occur.

Acid facial peels are insensitive to this layer of skin. Although they do remove the corneum they can, and often do burn some of the basal cell layer. When acid is applied to the face you literally attack the skin, and the basal cells, feeling the attack, clump together in a desperate attempt to heal the skin quickly. This clumping together of the cells is how scarring occurs.

So what’s the alternative?

Well, there are several. Microdermabrasion, though less effective, irritating, abrasive to the skin and does not completely remove the corneum layer of the skin. Jessner Peel, Bio-Medic “Micropeel”, Microdermabrasion, Ob agi Blue Peel, Vibrodermabrasion, Crystal Peels, and many others still require that patients sign a “consent form” attesting that you are aware of and understand the risks involved in these procedures…These techniques are injury by design which is not the natural process of skin renewal.

An all natural heat and moisture sensitive enzyme, which removes 100% of the corneum in under 10 minutes is now available on the market. Called the New You Skin Rejuvenating System, it is derived from the all natural aloe vera plant. This enzyme shies away from cells that still contain heat and moisture – signs of life, and instead bond only to dead, dry and “cold” cells on your face. The dead skin literally falls off your face right in front of your eyes and onto the counter in front of you.

Because this enzyme does absolutely no damage to the skin, causes no redness, scarring, heat sensitivity or other scary side effects of facial peels it is completely safe for home use and can be used by anyone regardless of skin type or sensitivity.

So before you spend any more money on invasive procedures that cause damaging side effects look into other methods that may be a more natural and safe alternative to invasive procedures.

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