Reduce Acne Flareups By Reducing Stress

I have over the years always fought with my acne but over the last few years I am very fortunate to have mostly gotten rid of it. I still occasionally have flareups and looking back there are one or two reasons for my acne flareups and that is stress and lack of sleep caused by stress.

Stress has a very powerful effect on the body. On one hand stress is good as it will help you get through the day and make you push yourself to excel at whatever you do. On the other hand stress will cause your body to increase adrenaline which will spur the increase in hormones which cause acne. Don’t believe it? Well there was a small study done in 2002 at Stanford that seems to really support this and as you go through life I am sure you would concur that this is true as well.

So, what can you do to decrease the stress in your life and therefore decrease your acne flareups? Well there are two things that can decrease stress in your life, the first is to decrease the stress outside of yourself and the second is to decrease the stress that you put on yourself.

First the stress outside of yourself. The stress in your environment is usually caused by people that you interact with. Anyone that is poisonous in your life should be shut out. We all know those people at work or friends that you have known for a long time that are always causing unneeded conflict in your life as well as making you crazy by being negative. I am sure that you can not get rid of these people completely but you can reduce the influence that these people have on your life anyway.

Stresses that you cause yourself are much easier to get rid of and this will definitely help your reduce acne flareups. Most of the times that you are most affected by stress are the times that you exaggerate problems in your head or when you are disorganized and jumping from task to task. First things first, if there are problems that you have but have some control over then try breaking up these problems into small parts that you can start to apply right now and these stresses will be gone almost immediately, just write them down now. Your second internal stress problem is disorganization. Again to get rid of disorganization you will need to make sure that you have the organization to have a good schedule and to make the most of your time. Look at today and yesterday. What did you plan to do and what worked or did not work? How much time was wasted getting info that you could have easily kept at your fingertips?

I know that this is a rather simple list of things that you can do to get rid of stresses in your life but just by following these simple rules I believe that the acne flare-ups that you have caused by stress will be greatly reduced.

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