Suffering From Pregnancy Acne? Get The Glowing Skin You Deserve!

Are you one of the many mother’s-to-be that is suffering from pregnancy acne? Well, allow me to inform you that you are not the only one. While it is very aggravating and upsetting, pregnancy acne is very common. During the first trimester, there becomes an increase in hormones in the body. Hormones cause the skin to produce more oil in the pores. Therefore, creating more acne. The majority of pregnant women experience acne in their first trimester, and then it usually dies out as the pregnancy goes on. This is because estrogen levels increase throughout pregnancy. Although it seems that mother’s-to-be will get some relief as pregnancy goes on, I am sure they never want to have to suffer from pregnancy acne. This is why expecting mother’s must know exactly how to treat their acne.

There are many way’s to alleviate pregnancy acne. Going to a dermatologist is one way. However, dermatologist’s can be very expensive and may put you on an antibiotic that might not be safe during pregnancy. Trying expensive acne treatments is another option. They may work, but do not count on it. I believe home remedies are the easiest and safest way to rid yourself of those nasty pimples. They are less expensive and work much faster.

Additionally, there are daily behaviors you can change that will help your skin stay as healthy as possible. First, you must always drink plenty of water. Second, get an adequate amount of sleep every night. Third, apply SPF as much as possible. This protects your skin from harmful rays. Fourth, apply less make up to your already oily skin. And lastly, remember to wash your face in the morning and right before you go to bed.

Taking care of your skin does not have to be top priority, but it should be taken very seriously. Pregnancy acne is not something you need to be worry about during your pregnancy. You should be enjoying the glow of pregnancy on a flawless face! You deserve it! To learn more about pregnancy acne, visit

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