The Primary 3 Mistakes Acne Patients Make Causing Them Suffer Acne Longer Then They Have To

(By a former acne sufferer)

Let me put it to you straight…

I talk to loads and loads of acne sufferers every day. I assist them as much as possible. Some are outstandingly successful right off the bat with what I show them. Others struggle. Those that struggle I’ve observed share some commonalities.

Here’s a few of my observations of the pitfalls acne sufferers face and how to side-step them…

#1 Mistake: They see their skin as the cause of the trouble and try to correct their skin problem…

Acne, every kind of acne, whether its teen, adult, body, or cystic acne has zero to do with your skin. Now before you think I’ve lost my mind hear me out…

Your skin, rather the health of your skin is an external mirror of your internal system.

To overcome your acne dilemma you must eternally abandon the idea that you’ll be able to put a gel or cream on your skin that will cure your acne…that the problem is with your skin.

How do you fix the inner problem? We will get to that so stay tuned.

#2 Mistake: Acne patients don’t have a keen knowledge of whats really causing their acne

Some shout refined sugar causes acne. Others say too much sex, or birth control pills, or lack of birth control pills. Then others say its bad diet or bad hygiene. While others say diet doesn’t effect acne.

And plenty of other theories.

(By the way, all of them are wrong. None of them are the true cause of acne.)

And because they never figure out whats really causing their acne they waste their precious time and cash on futile ‘acne cures’ that never addresses the the root acne cause.

The most important initial step to beating your acne dilemma is to discover in detail whats causing it. (Please see my report on what’s causing your acne, found at: )

#3 Mistake: If they are fortunate enough to discover whats the cause of their acne is they don’t have a strategy or method that works to fix it…

…Or they are absent an vital part that’s stopping them from fixing the problem.

So they give up for awhile, only to leap on the next acne fad or quick-fix acne cream when their acne gets too painful once again. But they never correct the real cause of acne.

They end up suffering longer when they don’t have to.

Please hear me…

…You deserve this gift. Make the time to understand in detail whats really causing your acne and how to stop it. Trust me, getting this knowledge is the best use of your time in your effort to cure your acne.

But be careful who you learn from…

Almost no one knows what’s really causing acne. There are so many erroneous ideas. So who do you trust? My I suggest you listen to those who have done it, who have cured their own acne and helped others do the same.

Leo Kiesen is a ex-adult acne sufferer who spent over a decade looking for the common cause of all acne and a lasting natural cure. He believed that adult acne wasn’t just “happening” but that there was a universal cause. And there must be a way to fix it for good. He spent over a decade investigating the “acne disease” and with a little luck he was able to cure his own severe acne naturally. He now instructs other acne sufferers how to do the same. To discover how look over the 5 report natural acne cure e-tutorial at this link =>

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