An Anti Aging Skin Care Review


The most important information you will need when searching for skin care products is a thorough understanding of what’s in these products. This anti aging skin care review will simplify all the information down to what’s really important.

Why waste your money?

Recent studies suggest that the average consumer will purchase and ultimately throw away about $300 of anti aging skin care products a year. Why is so much money being wasted? Because most people do not know what to look for in a quality anti aging skin care system.

So what do you need to know?

One of the most crucial factors when considering a purchase of skin care products is the source of the ingredients. The vast majority of products available contain ingredients that are synthetic, created in a laboratory in the interest of saving money. A lot of alcohol and mineral oil is put into these types of products, both of which are detrimental to your skin’s health, and can actually accelerate the aging process.

An anti aging skin care system should have natural ingredients, mainly because they are safer and more effective. They do cost a little more than their artificial counterparts, but when you consider the added benefit, it is really well worth the added expense. Also, natural products tend to work synergistically, that is, the ingredients make one another more potent and effective. This is opposed to synthetic additives, which often work against one another and eliminate any possible benefits.

One common synthetic ingredient is Triclosan, which is becoming increasingly popular as an anti-bacterial agent in skin products. A recent anti aging skin care review of various products found that levels of Triclosan are often high enough to inhibit the growth of some beneficial skin bacteria. This is becoming suspected as a possible cause for the marked increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria seen throughout the world.

A modern advance in skin care technology focuses on Coenzyme Q10, which is a powerful antioxidant able to remove harmful free radicals from our body, including our skin. These free radicals play a large role in the skin aging process. As we age, we lose our natural supply of Conezyme Q10, and the free radicals roam freely and damage our skin. An effective anti aging skin care system must contain Coenzyme Q10 in a form that is able to penetrate all seven layers of human skin, not just the superficial layers.

Keratin, which is a natural protein found in our skin, is a key ingredient in many products. But not all keratin is created equal. Many commercial forms of keratin are derived from animal horns and feathers. A quality keratin compound should include both zinc and copper complexes. This will help replace the aging keratin in our own skin, and will stimulate new tissue growth, giving you newer and younger looking skin.

This anti-aging skin care review should make it easy for you to choose which products are beneficial and which are simply worthless.

Rachel Matthews is an expert on natural skin care and has been researching treatments for many years. She is a contributing editor to [] – a site focusing on natural remedies for wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging.

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