Anti Wrinkle Cream Reviews – Needle Or Cream?


No matter our age we all want to prevent or lessen the signs of aging and more and more anti wrinkle cream reviews are being generated with the advances in skin care, as are the effects of anti wrinkle injections, such as Botox.  Before deciding on the best option it might be wise to dig a little deeper for what the injection process entails and what long term effects might be for the health of your skin. The same holds true for ingredients of topical creams as some can end up in your blood stream.

Needle or Cream? Performing a little research: compare anti aging wrinkle cream ingredients of different products. Then review clinical studies performed for the Botox product as reported in February 2008 from the website. There, you will learn what types of wrinkles will benefit, what medical aspects need to be considered, along with the possible risks.

For example,  although a quick procedure, after receiving an injection patients may experience headaches and great care must be taken not to rub the treated area as the toxin can move to another area of the face and cause drooping or facial weakness.

Scientific Aspect For an anti wrinkle cream to be effective it must work with the natural proteins in the body to keep them healthy and/or to restore aging skin. One of the important vehicles to help increase your skin’s vitality is keratin, however, it must be formulated to penetrate the skin for maximum results. Additionally, anti wrinkle cream reviews published on The Natural Skincare Facts website and other online health resources, praise the reliability of ingredients like wakame and hyaluronic acid for firming the skin. 

In fact, clinical trials performed to compare anti aging wrinkle cream indicate the best ones take a multi-faceted approach. Most skincare products only focus on one element of the skin aging process. Treatments that target more than one area produce better results.

For example, a product that combines ingredients such as keratin, hyaluronic acid (a natural occurring substance within the skin)and Nanobelle CoenzymeQ10 can work to maintain, as well as build up, the proteins in your skin.

End Results There are some anti wrinkle cream reviews and promotional articles that suggest it may be as simple as applying the newest miracle cream of the month for immediate results. Few, if any, anti aging skincare products will produce measurable results overnight. Some, however, especially hyaluronic acid-based wrinkle creams, can help achieve this goal within a two week period. It is all dependent on the skin receiving the right mix of nutrients working in synergy with the biological process.

In summary,  when you compare anti aging wrinkle cream to that of an injection process keep in mind that it is much easier to apply a cream rather than having to drive to a cosmetics center or dermatologist for uncomfortable treatments.  When researching effective anti aging creams look for those with safe, scientifically researched ingredients with proven restorative qualities. Other considerations would be cost, overall health safety and potential side effects.

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