Antiaging Skin Care

Before we talk about anti-aging skin care lets “reverse engineer” to find the most destructive elements of your skin and your body. Correct those and your on your way to beautiful flawless skin.

Free Radicals

No it’s not a political right wing group, free radicals are very destructive to skin cells and the entire body,in fact, free radicals eventually do us all in.

The number one cause of aging is free radicals. A process where one unpaired positive charged electron “borrows” an electron from a stable pair of electrons in an oxygen molecule. The result is a free radical and the process is repeated rapidly every second of our life.

The more oxygen is displaced the greater the damage that occurs. You may have heard the term “antioxidants” which means literally against oxidation or destruction of cells by free radicals.

The main goal in life is to slow down this destructive process as much as possible.The three most important factors that will determine this are:


Emotional stress


The Skin Is A Mirror Of Internal Health

The more the diet lacks vitamins, minerals, enzymes’ fibre, efa’s, enzymes., amino acids, bioflavanoids the more depletion of oxygen takes place.

The more stress levels are increased the more oxygen is displaced. Stress is a killer and is very destructive to the entire body. There is nothing that will age a body faster.This destruction is reflected in the skin as your skin can only be as healthy as your body.

Today there is far too many chemicals in our food, our water, our air and in our skin care products, everything from shampoo’s to nail polish and everything in between. That is direct toxic load. The other toxic load is produced inside the body, combine them both and you have all the elements of sickness, disease and death depending upon the severity of the three factors mentioned above.

People who have healthy glowing skin are also glowing inside, they eat a healthy diet. They are also happy well adjusted people who exercise and practice moderation. They pay attention to what they take in their bodies and put on their skin.

Anti-aging Skin Care…..Make Simple Changes……See Big Results
Anti-aging skin care begins from the inside out. This is going to require change and there is no way around it if you want radiant glowing skin.

You feed your skin two ways

Through the mouth

Through the skin

Diet: Increase more live food into your diet, not over cooked processed to death “shelf food”. Increase raw enzymes, efa’s, fibre, pure water. Eliminate as much refined sugar, salt, coffee, saturated animal fats,alcohol, junk food, fast food and everything else that is unhealthy.

Stress: Try to reduce emotional stress as much as possible, practice relaxation techniques, yoga for example, take long walks , exercise moderately have “quiet times,”everything you can to relax.

Toxins: Consider a detox program twice a year. Cleansing is the single most important thing you can do to improve your skin and your entire body. Cleansing from the inside out places your body in the best possible condition.

Skin Care:Always seek skin care and cosmetic products that are chemical and toxin free, we talked about absorption through the skin you wouldn’t put any chemicals in your food so why would you want to put them on your skin?

There you have it, if you will just simply make those changes you are well on your way to having skin your friends will envy and you are going to be very healthy doing it.

Robert Dixon is a health researcher,health advocate and a published author. You can learn more about healthy skin care at his website


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