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Injectables are some of the hottest items in the cosmetic surgery market today. Women and men in their middle ages and beyond have found that injectables can smooth out their faces and plump up sagging skin with minimal pain and effort. If you are interested in achieving the appearance of a younger looking face, start by learning about the different types of injectables and deciding which one is right for you. The following sections provide an overview on injectables to help you understand the options.

Choice #1: Botulinum Toxin-Based Injections

The brand name and more common designation for botulinum toxin-based injections (BTX) is Botox. These injectables are used to decrease the appearance of wrinkles caused by the natural movement of facial muscles while expressing emotions. BTX is most often used to target and fill out forehead lines, ‘crow’s feet’ or the lines at the outside eye creases, and frown lines. BTX is injected into the facial muscles resulting in plumper, younger looking skin after a few days. The results only last three to four months and the treatments must be repeated to maintain a younger look. Since no surgery is involved, patients can go straight back to work or other regular activities the same day. Botox by most accounts seem to be very safe, effective, and pain-free. An added bonus is that Botox may even be able to prevent migraine headaches.

Choice #2: Collagen

Collagen is a filler substance naturally found in the face that decreases over time. Injectable collagen can come from either human or bovine (cow) material and it has the same general effect as Botox. In addition to smoothing out crow’s feet and frown lines, collagen can plump up the lips, reduce the look of bags under the eyes, and diminish the creases from the nose to the mouth (the nasolabial fold). The collagen procedure takes less than an hour and the results are immediate and last from three to six months. It has been around in FDA-approved form since 1981 and is very safe with little negative side effects. Before your procedure however, you will be tested for allergies as some patients have had adverse reactions to the bovine-based collagen.

Choice #3: Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is also known by its brand name Restylane. It is a natural polysaccharide and can be used to smooth out all sorts of facial wrinkles and also fill in contour irregularities. It is a bit more versatile than Botox and collagen and is therefore used to help with certain disorders and diseases as well as for reversing aging effects. Most often, doctors actually use in connection with Botox for best results. The effects can last up to six months and is a safe and virtually painless technique, although the possibility of some bruising and swelling exists.

Choice #4: Fat Injections

In this procedure, surgeon will take fat cells from another part of your body, treat them, and then inject them into your face to smooth out wrinkles by the eyes and mouth. Fat injections can be especially effective in creating better definition around the cheeks and chin. The process takes under an hour and patients can return to their normal activities the same day. Although there will probably be some bruising at the injection site for up to two days. Treatments are typically repeated three to four times during the first six months and in some cases the results last indefinitely.

Talk to your doctor about the various options and for a more complete injectables overview. Then will you be able to determine the best choice for your new age-defying face.

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