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Excessive amounts of vitamin A have been known to increase the occurrence of hip fractures and other disabilities among seniors. Like anything else, the correct balance of vitamin A in your diet is essential. According to a study done by Harvard medical researchers in 2002, they report that high levels of vitamin A increase the risk of fractures in postmenopausal women especially in the hip area. With the aging process, the chance of fractures especially to the hip are increased and have been linked to excess retinol in the diet. This active ingredient is found in vitamin A and has been known to diminish the bone strength in both men and women, especially the hip area. Although a good anti aging supplement is important, it is important to consult with an expert in anti aging supplements to make sure that you’re getting the right balance you need.

Vitamin A can be found in many of the food items that we include in our diet every day such as eggs, liver, milk, cheese, butter and other dairy products, fish liver oils and cereal. As senior citizens have a hard time metabolizing retinol properly, they are, therefore, more likely to experience fractures of the bones than when younger. Older people are advised to find a good antiaging product and stick with it.

Beta-carotene is derived from vitamin A and doesn’t carry the same risks as retinol. Beta-carotene is a tremendous anti aging supplement and doesn’t carry the same risks as retinol does. The body converts beta-carotene into exactly the amount of vitamin A that your body needs daily. This great antiaging product can be found in colored vegetables and fruits such as pumpkin, carrots, yams, red peppers, tomatoes, oranges, cantaloupe, apricots, and many other different types of fruits and vegetables. Here are some healthy antiaging tips for your bones. Try and refrain from taking vitamin A supplements and take a good anti aging supplement, such as a multivitamin that includes beta-carotene. If you’re unsure if the product contains beta-carotene, call them and ask. Always perform a weight bearing exercise on a daily basis. This will help improve your bone density. Get 1200 mg of calcium daily and 400 IU vitamin D along with eating lots of fruits and vegetables that contain beta-carotene.

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