Secrets of the Best Wrinkle Creams

People in search of real anti aging skin care really don’t want a best wrinkle cream at all. What they actually want is a best no wrinkle cream! The best wrinkle cream possible would be one that prevents all wrinkles from occurring and makes any you already have magically disappear. Unfortunately, unless a magician made your cream, this just is not possible.

In the real world, choosing the best wrinkle cream means picking one that will prevent as much wrinkling as possible and, hopefully, one that can minimize the appearance of any wrinkles already present. The good news is that there are creams which can do both.

It will help to know what causes wrinkles if you want to prevent them. Wrinkles are proof of damage to the skin structures, from within or from without. On the inside, a normal part of the aging process is a decline in the collagen, a protein material that makes the framework for and supports the superficial skin. Moisture in skin also declines as we age, as does the subcutaneous fat layer.

Some of the damage can also be prevented from the inside by eating a healthy diet with lots of protective antioxidants and by drinking sufficient water. Not smoking or ingesting other toxins can also help. Plenty of quality protein is also needed for tissue repair, as is adequate sleep.

External causes also increase wrinkle formation. Exposure to harsh weather condition can damage the skin, as can exposure to the sun. The ultraviolet rays of the sun, UV-A and UV-B, cause mutations in skin cells that cause wrinkles to form and can even cause dangerous and disfiguring skin cancers and precancerous lesions.

In addition to the best wrinkle cream you can find, you must eat well, drink enough water, and protect your skin from the sun and the elements. Staying at a healthy weight also helps the skin look better. Some of the things it helps to each, such as antioxidants and absorbable proteins are also helpful from inside and out.

All daytime anti aging creams should contain a sunscreen of at the very least SPF 15, no matter what the season or climate is, and no matter how dark your skin is. There is really no such thing as a “healthy tan.” Of course, night creams don’t need to contain sunscreens.

The best wrinkle cream will also include a moisture protector. Most creams have a moisturizer that will hold in the natural moisture and others can actually add a small amount through the skin. All creams with moisturizers should be applied immediately after washing so that the maximum amount of water is trapped.

A superior anti aging cream or other product will also contain antioxidants to heal damage and prevent future injury, and many will have a special form of protein that skin can absorb directly. A good example is the aloe plant, whose sap naturally contains long chain protein molecules that can penetrate the skin.

You may also decide a cream is best because of what it does not contain. Many women prefer not to find artificial chemicals or perfumes that may trigger irritations and allergies. Some also want no part of petroleum products or ingredients. Careful label reading can help with this.

Once you know what to look for, you can question friends and relatives for recommendation, and read peer reviews in magazines and electronic publications. Never make the mistake of assuming a very high price means a very high rating or effectiveness. A wrinkle cream is the best because it contains ingredients that work for you, not because of its famous brand or fancy price.

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