What Causes Wrinkles

As many of us become older we always ask ourselves “what causes wrinkles?” Unfortunately as we become older we can not stop the aging process. However we can make it easier and more graceful. This article is for you if you are constantly applying anti-age products and hate looking in the mirror. We will disclose what causes wrinkles and lines; you may be able to cut out some of the activities in your life that causes wrinkles so you can begin to look younger and feel better.

As we become older many of us do not enjoy looking in the mirror; because of the image that stares back at us. What happened to us? We used to feel sexy and beautiful; however as we become older we avoid the mirrors. Well the great news is you can still feel younger and beautiful by just making some simple changes in your life. Everyone is going to have wrinkles as they become older; however some people will have more than others. The possible reasons some may have more than others; is because they did or did not do more of the following activities below:

1. Drink Plenty Of Water: We all hear it everyday; you should drink 8 glasses of water everyday. However not many of us do it; we fail to drink to plenty of water. Our bodies are made up of 70% water; and the water helps us improve every area of our bodies. If you can begin drinking more water you will notice how much more clearer and beautiful your skin will look.

2. Exercise: Yes everyone knows that exercise can help you look better and gain muscle. However not many people understand that facial exercises can actually help reduce or even eliminate the wrinkles and lines on the face. Well facial exercises are becoming widely used; because people are getting tired of using anti-aging products that promise miracles and they never notice the difference in their skin.

3. Stop Squinting: This can cause the lines around the eyes. When you notice the sun getting in your face either wear a cap with a visor; or sun glasses that will protect the eyes and also reduce your squinting.

4. Diet: Yes you always hear that the food that you decide to eat plays an important role in your health. This is no difference when you choose the food it will either age you more gracefully or not. Begin eating a diet that helps you stay energized and feeling younger so you will have the energy to exercise. The more you exercise on a daily basis you will look and feel younger and you will not have to worry about what causes wrinkles because your body will be in great shape.

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Imagine looking into the mirror, and seeing absolutely no signs of aging on your face year after year by just following a very simple set of activities which only involve your face and your 2 hands.

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