You Can Have Young Looking Skin Again Without the Scalpel


Plastic surgeons made fortunes by imposing the ideal features of a male and a female and they did this with the help of the entertainment industry. They kept showing us the ideal feminine beauty with flawless skin and looking like 25 when they are really 40 and more. Not that it’s bad to look better than your real age, but most of the time it is believed or we were made to believe that this can be achieved only though plastic surgeries and very expensive treatments. For a long time we were not told that water is so important for our health and that it helps us have young looking skin because the skin is better hydrated. Today we hear this every day and further more most of the skin care products and beauty products use water in their composition. To have a young looking skin it is important to take care of all the body in and out. Most of us do not realize that our eating habits, drinking habits and lifestyle contribute greatly to how we look and feel.

The truth is that the first step in feeling great and looking great is having a good opinion about ourselves and being self confident about the way we look. Undergoing a surgery to remove some wrinkles is no necessary today especially with all the available beauty products on the market and all the skin care products created for all type skins. If the plastic surgery was the only solution of looking great and having young looking skin, today it’s just a costly alternative and a painful one too. It is true that having a flawless skin and having a wrinkle free face is more and more difficult but there are a few things about it that we can change and apply to improve how our skin looks and there are a few things that we cannot change but can get protection against. And we can try all these and more before even considering a plastic surgery like for example a facelift or a mini-lift, an eyelift or a brow-lift.

One of the things that affects our skin and we cannot change it but we can control it is our loved sun. We all love to bath in the sun and go swimming, but because of the high level of pollution and the thinness of the Ozone layer the sun is more damaging to our skin that we may want to believe. As a result of staying long periods of time in the sun, the skin can get burned, spots and blemishes can appear on the skin and even further damage can be created. The solution is using protection creams while staying in the sun, limiting the periods we stay in the sun and especially the time frame and also using a special cream for after sunbathing. Protecting your face is important because the face is the most exposed part of your body and one of the most sensitive ones. Protection creams should be used at all time when in the sun and the level of protection should correspond to the level of exposure. Not using protection products fro your face and lips can make your skin lose its elasticity and hurry up the appearance of wrinkles.

Thus if you want to have young looking skin with little or no wrinkle you should consider going to a dermatologist or a cosmetologist and determine your type of skin and get some recommendations about the skin care products that you should try. And since there is a wide variety of skin care and anti-aging products as well as products that can help you improve the way your skin look and revitalize it, you can stop thinking about surgery unless it is something that threatens your health. Today going under the scalpel is not the only option anymore and it should be less and less an option for having wrinkle free skin and looking great no matter of your age.

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