Bio Oil – Does It Work?

Sure, its been pushed on infomercials and promised to be a miracle healer of stretch marks for pregnant women or new mothers but what’s the real deal about this product? Is it as safe as the FDA suggests? Will it cause breakouts or affect your baby? These are all crucial questions to find out before you use any type of skin product.

Does it Really Work?

Most consumers suggest that it has a really nice smell and some say that their skin was softer and stretch marks were a bit lighter but nothing to get excited about. In fact, simple vitamin E capsules broke open or cocoa butter would have the same results. The majority of individuals questioned agreed that Bio oil felt artificial and was not welcomed and absorbed by their skin very easily. Others complained that use of the product caused breakouts. Of course, someone should have told them that they were lathering refined petroleum all over their skin. Really, how can you not expect a breakout if you are not informed of the ingredients? Unfortunately, companies like Bio oil use fancy names like paraffinum liquidum that sounds so much nicer than the toxic chemicals that they really are.

Is it Safe?

Bio oil isn’t safe for the average person and is even more dangerous for pregnant women that the product targets. Pregnant women are vulnerable when it comes to stretch marks. After all, everyone is looking for a miracle cream. Shame on Bio oil for directing their marketing toward women when they should be making aware that the product can harm them and their baby.

Mineral oil that is in Bio oil is proven to cause pneumonia by tiny droplets in the air being inhaled and ending up in your lungs. It can also cause infant bleeding and interfere with your body’s natural ability to absorb the nutrients that it needs to be healthy.

Most importantly, if you are breastfeeding or still pregnant, keep in mind that everything you put on your body is absorbed and ends up in your bloodstream. Naturally, this is forwarded into your baby. If that is not enough to deter you, mineral oil causes premature aging and colon and breast cancer.

Pregnant women who are asking the question, ” does bio oil work?” should take this warning and stay away. You can even take the list of ingredients to your primary care provider or someone who specializes in alternative medicine and they will tell you that rosemary, one of the ingredients is very dangerous to use during pregnancy.

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