Curly Hair Does Not Have To Be Frizzy


Wendi Levy, the daughter of a black mother and a white dad, always found her self shopping for a variety of products, struggling to concoct the perfect combination to tame her unruly locks.

Kim Etheredge, also of mixed decent, did the same. When Wendi and Kim met, they laughed about the common problem. Laughter, however, became an idea and an idea turned into a plan.

The two women went to work studying the science behind hair products, as well as how to best set up a business. They opted to start small and build rather than look for a large investment.

“We did, and still get offered money all the time,” says the “bottom-line” Wendi. “But we wanted to know all the in’s and outs before risking someone else’s hard-earned venture capital.”

Two years later, MIXED CHICKS Inc. and Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner ( was born.

Word spread that the alcohol free product tamed frizz without being sticky, and still added shine. Take it from me, a curly-head, finding a product that actually work is no easy feat, but The Mixed Chicks have done it.

Celebrity fans like Tracee Ellis Ross and Ciara have furthered the product’s popularity. “The success is gratifying,” says the gregarious Kim. “Biracial customers have needed this for a long time.”

But don’t let the name lull you into thinking this is just for mixed people. Mixed Chicks works on anyone with curls, frizz, and hard-to-manage hair. Mixed Chicks products are distributed at nearly 100 salons and supply stores in several countries.

They are also available on-line @ Shipping is quick and reasonable. -Jay Shields

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Author: Uzumaki Naruto

"I want to see this market as a sharing market. Where merchants and customers sincerely support one another."

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