Hair Removal – 5 Different Alternatives To Removing Unwanted Hair


There are many factors to consider when you are seriously thinking about removing your unwanted hair. These would include the parts of your body that you want to subject to hair removal, as well as the density and volume of the hair. Also, men and women have different needs as far as hair removal is concerned. While men may have body parts where it is socially acceptable to have hair, it may not be so for women. Examples of these would be mustache or beard, hairs on the arms and legs and hairs in the underarms.

If you are thinking about having your unwanted hair removed, here are some methods and options you can choose from:

1. Facial Hair Removal

Men mostly use the common, ordinary razor to shave the hairs on their faces and neck. This usually results in a clean-shaven look. However, for some men who can afford the treatment, they usually go for the laser hair removal treatment as this procedure can permanently eliminate unwanted hair on the face. It saves them the time and the hassle of having to continually shave every time their facial hair grows back.

2. Chest Hair Removal

Society usually considers chest hair on men as a sign of masculinity. However, men also know that too much of it can convey to women that they are some direct offspring of a recently discovered ape man. Laser hair removal treatment for male chests usually takes one hour. Waxing and using depilatory creams are also other methods of removing chest hairs. However, men can always opt to go with the usual manly solution which is to shave. The only disadvantage with shaving is having to continually do it every time the hair grows back. If a man simply subjects his chest for the laser hair removal, the clean results would last a lot longer than the usual shave. Of course, he can also opt for electrolysis where the results are permanent.

3. Leg Hair Removal

Razors, depilatory creams and waxing kits are some of the most common methods for removing leg hair. There are certain disadvantages to using these methods, however, such as the risk of getting cut when using razors. The difficult thing about this is that, no matter how careful you may be, there is always the possibility of getting a cut and unfortunately, the scars will be visible for a long time. Another disadvantage is that shaving leg hair is not a very good option for busy women as this is a procedure which must be continually performed as often and as soon as the hair on their legs grow back. Electrolysis then would be a good option but of course, it requires more money and longer treatment time.

4. Back Hair Removal

Remember Steve Carrell’s back on “The 40 Year-Old Virgin”? Too much back hair on men can also have an effect on their confidence and self-image. Waxing can be a good option as far as results are concerned but you have to dig deep into your pockets for this method. Men can spend as much as $45 dollars every six weeks for back hair waxing. Laser hair removal is also another option. Usually, 5-8 one hour sessions are required to have a successful laser treatment. Compared to waxing, this method is deemed more practical since it takes longer for the hair to grow back. Electrolysis is the most expensive alternative as it could take more than a hundred one-hour sessions, with each session costing from $40-$150 each. Who says only women know how to spend on hygiene and vanity?

5. Pubic Hair Removal

Today’s fashion calls for genital hair removal on women. Aside from it being considered as an absolute turn-on for their partners, women will find it hard to look fashionable today with their pubic or genital hairs sticking out of their low-rise jeans, hipster skirts, or worse, undies like t-backs and thongs. Furthermore, women opt to go bare with their genital regions because aside from the clean, airy feeling, they also won’t have to go to so much trouble with waxing and shaving when their hair eventually grows back. Another thing is that women know that waxing and shaving may also have side effects on the area when not done properly. Most pubic hair removal sessions take 15-30 minutes with 4 to 8 sessions needed.

With the evolution of man, we have also evolved in our means and ways to stay in hygiene. Thus, we have many alternatives for the one common unwanted thing: hair.

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