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Coloring hair can be done for a temporary effect, or in a more permanent fashion. There are hair colors that wash out after one shampooing, after several shampoos, and those that are supposedly permanent. Coloring hair is very fashionable these days. You can easily see people of all age groups going for hair coloring. People are experimenting with all kinds of colors to look fashionable. Hair coloring has been in use since the ancient times. Ancient Greeks used to color or lighten their hair, which identified with honor and courage. There are many products for coloring hair available in the market. There are permanent as well as temporary colors. A patch test should be conducted before using any coloring product to see if the person is allergic to the color or not.

Shampooing is essential to everyone’s hair care routine, regardless of hair type or texture. You should shampoo as often as necessary to keep your hair looking clean and your scalp comfortable. Those who have oily hair, exercise daily, or live or work in dirty environments may need to shampoo daily, while others need to shampoo less frequently. Twice a week is usually sufficient if your work does not involve any physical activity. It is essential to protect hair from the damaging, drying effects of the sun. If you swim, be sure to promptly shampoo your hair remove chlorine and other chemicals, or salt water, all of which may result in drying. If you have greasy hair, you will need to wash them frequently say twice or thrice a week. This is especially necessary, if the environment you work in is dirty. For oily hair use some mild shampoo. Care should be taken while using shampoo.

Types of Haircolor:

1. Temporary.

2. Semi-Temporary.

3. Semi-Permanent.

4. Permanent.

Hair coloring tips:

1. Wet your hair with bottled spring water before getting in a clorine pool, It will dilute the harsh chemicals.

2. Hair color at the hair ends fade more quickly as they are porous and do not hold color. Thus apply hair color that is one level darker to the ends, without adding the developer.

3. Be careful in the sun. please use hats, scarves or products with sunscreens to help protect against color fade and the drying effects of the sun.

4. Use color enhancing conditioners as color grows out to help blend root areas.

5. Don’t brush hair when wet. Comb with a wide-tooth comb, working tangles out as you move from the ends toward the scalp.

6. Hair colors with blue base may give a greenish cast to yellow or gold hair while those with violet base, gives more natural and better results.

7. If light-reddish blonde tones fade to orange color, you can use a little red-gold accent to give fashionable highlights.

8. Always color your hair, when they are fully dry because color of damp and wet hair may get diluted later.

Perfect Technique for Shampooing Hair

For the perfect shampooing technique follow following steps:

1. Wet hair thoroughly with hot water – as hot as you can tolerate.

2. Don’t pour shampoo onto your head. Pour it into your hands then work it through your hair.

3. Apply the shampoo to the top of your head and use fingertips to massage it on to your scalp.

4. If greasy hair is a problem, use a deep cleansing shampoo like Clairol Herbal Essences Clarifying Shampoo.

5. Depending on your hair’s thickness and length, you may need to repeat the previous three steps for the rest of your hair.

6. Don’t pile your hair on top of your head, this will only create knots.

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