Have You Heard Of Paraben Free Products And What Is Paraben Anyway?

It’s a chemical preservative designed to kills the nasties, fungus and bacteria. It has been around since the 1920s. Preservatives are important, every time we touch a skin cream or beauty product we introduce bacteria and fungi.

If there was no preservative at all to keep the baddies from making it dangerous we would be in trouble.

What products is it in?

Everything is the easy answer.

You will find it in shampoo, moisturizers, shaving gel, lube, tanning lotion. And that’s not all as they say, save best for last, in food.

Yes indeed, food, mayo, mustard, processed vegetables, ice cream,soft drinks even the healthy option fruit juice.

Paraben Free Products

Lately there is a big trend in cosmetics to move towards paraben free products. Why is that, are they directly lethal? No they are not.

Although there is an Internet myth claiming that they have been banned in both Europe and Japan, it is not true. They are allowed for use by every government agency worldwide.

What has been done is a partial ban in the EU for sodium methylparaben,the use of it in fragrance. Why you ask?

Because it can de-pigment skin.

No pigment, no skin tone and strange blotches?

Reminds me of a famous artist, RIP. He had oddly blotchy and bleached skin. So if this is the reason they banned it in fragrance, what about sun tan lotion?

Why are they still in use if there is information showing they might be harmful? A very important point is low cost and their efficacy as preservatives, translation, they work. It was one of the least harmful preservatives available. That is back in 1920 when it was created. Get with the times anyone

What about paraben free products?

There are better options on the market these days.

We can’t go back to the bad old days of skin and eye infections from multi-used products. The good news is we don’t have to. There are plenty of healthy and natural alternatives out there.

Most companies use outdated and possibly harmful preservatives to replace it.

Just make sure your going with a trustworthy producer of paraben free products.

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