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Flat irons are found aplenty in the hair styling market today. These are instruments used in hair straightening where it is possible to straighten curly hair by following the right procedures of the hair straightener. One tends to wonder how these flat hair iron work. There is basically not much to hair straightening; there are metal plates on the flat hair iron that you have to section off and draw across the surface of the heated plates. With this, hair gets straightened as the metal plates emit ions that change the hair structure. With this change in hair structure, curly hair gets straightened.

Though it is easy to use a hair straightener, it is important that you know what to know about hair straighteners to ensure trouble free usage of the flat hair iron. You have to shampoo, condition and blow dry your hair before using it. This is because the removal of grease and oil from the hair prevents its burning when straightening. Some hair straighteners like the Sedu flat iron has to be used with the right temperature as the wrong temperature may lead to hair damage. It is better to use low temperatures if your hair is bleached, damaged or thin and higher settings for curly, stubborn and thick hair.

With the hair straightener, you can try out many flat iron hair styles such as the sleek flip which is easy to make and will create wonders to your appearance. You just have to first make your hair straight and then flip them inwards or outwards to get the right look. Then you have the casual look which is very comfortable to wear.

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