How to Wear Your Perfume


After you have chosen your favourite perfume it is important to apply it to the correct parts of your body in the correct manner. Just splashing it randomly wherever you think it will be effective might leave you smelling like a perfume factory some ware in France. And if it is an expensive brand you will be spending more of your hard earned cash on the brand of your choice.

Firstly you must look after your bottle of perfume, it is after all a small investment. Keep your bottles out of direct sunlight and store them in a cool place. To avoid some off the essential fragrances from evaporating always keep your bottles tightly closed. You will know when your perfume has gone off. The fragrance might be darker and you won’t smell that heavenly boost of scents when you spray it on.

Choose the perfume that suites you. When you’re out shopping for perfume take a friend along to help you choose the best-suited fragrance for you. Test one perfume at a time. After applying the perfume walk around for at least fifteen minutes so that the perfume can reach its full effect. On first sniff the perfume will smell completely different. After you’re convinced you’ve got the best fragrance for you, you can order your perfume online with more confidence.

When applying your perfume always start at the bottom like the back of your knees so the scent can rise up, continue applying your perfume to the main folds like your wrist, neck, inner arm and cleavage. Spray some perfume in the air and walk through it that will help to cover the perfume lightly all over your body. You smell wonderful! Go on that date.

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