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Choosing a perfect flat iron according to your requirements from myriad of brands and varieties available in the market is a daunting task. Corioliss flat iron is the best option from all those who want to have the best flat iron from large inventory, in order to deliver best results on your hair.

Today, Corioliss flat irons are among the best seller, in hair care industry. These are highly recommended by various world-renowned professional hair stylists, due to their performance and unique safety features. Corioliss irons are available in wide range of different stylish designs and trendy colors to choose from, depending upon your preference. Moreover, Corioliss irons are also equipped with an amazing blend of the advanced technologies and innovative digital features, which delivers best and stunning results on your hair without damaging the sensitive hair fibers.

Over the years, Corioliss have launched a number of stylish and latest versions of such irons, which are manufactured with high quality, hard-wearing ceramics and tourmaline heating plates. The unique integration of ceramics and tourmaline protects the hair fibers from excessive exposure of heat, while, styling. Moreover, ceramics is also an efficient source of negative ions which ensures equal distribution of heat, and retains natural hair color. It ensures that the hair is straightened beautifully, without ripening off the natural moisture of the hair and it boasts a number of advanced features as well. These have sleek ergonomic design to aid in handling and 360 degree swivel cord removes the tangles, easily. It features adjustable temperature settings, for all types of hair, and heats up within 5 seconds. Moreover, the negative ions lock the natural oils and moisture of hair fibers and reduce the chances of any bacterial or fungal growth on the scalp.

It also proved very helpful in removing static and damaged spots and thus results in smooth and silky hair. It also features infra red technology which preserve the natural moisture of hair to condition the hair. An exclusive feature of Corioliss iron is that it can be safely used on wet hair for drying and straightening it, simultaneously and features maximum styling capabilities.

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