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When you decide to shave your pubic hair, you have a choice between using razors or electric shavers for shaving bikini line. These electric shavers used for pubic hair removal have been around since the 1940s and have their own advantages. It is up to you to decide on the instrument to use, depending on your convenience and needs.

Many women prefer using razors as they give a closer shave than an electric shaver; and are also cheaper than the electric razor. However the disadvantage with a razor is that it tends to nick or cut the skin. Moreover it proves to be rather annoying to have to lather up every time you have to shave.

If you intend to use a razor to shave your pubic hair, ensure that it is a good one. It is better to pay more for a good female razor, than buy something of the lowest price. It is not that advisable to use throwaway razors as they are likely to cause razor burns and soreness when shaving and maybe some ingrown hair later.

Electric shavers are common today, and are created keeping the female in mind. There are electric shavers meant only for bikini line hair removal too. In addition to this, there are shavers having separate shaving foils for pubic shaving, hypoallergenic foils, built-in trimmers and skin coolers. The main reason some women prefer electric shavers over razors is that it offers fewer shaving cuts and is more convenient for pubic hair removal.

An electric shaver does not call for the use of any shaving foam when using it. Moreover it is also safer as the skin is protected from the blade of the razor. There are no problems of razor burns with an electric shaver while it is also possible to take the pubic shaver to the shower. Some manufacturers also claim that their electric shavers shave as close as a razor. This is why you have to buy an electric shaver after doing some of your own research.

It is difficult to declare the better option between an electric shaver and a razor. It is up to you to decide depending on your budget and your grooming of pubic hair.

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