Reduce Cellulite With A Proper Cellulite Diet

Sigh. What does it take to reduce cellulite? Wouldn’t it be great if we could completely eliminate it? Unfortunately, for women it’s a fact of life as we age. However, it is possible to help the process along by incorporating a healthy cellulite diet.

There are three important factors involved when trying to reduce cellulite. These include exercise, a healthy diet and keeping the body continuously flushed of toxins and waste by drinking a good amount of water everyday. There are many elements that also must be reached in order to reduce cellulite. Mainly, fat cells must shrink in size under the skin, they must be separated enough to allow proper lymphatic drainage, the connective tissues in the skin must be stretched enough to improve the overall tone of skin and its elasticity and finally, hormonal balance must be achieved.

In this article, we focus on the components of a healthy cellulite diet as an important part of the battle to reduce cellulite. It is important not only to focus on diet as part of the general plan, but it is a critical part of the process. Well, what can I eat you say?

First and most importantly it’s honest to say that no food plan in the world can eliminate all of the cellulite on your body. You can improve its appearance in several ways including a good diet, by reducing the total amount of body fat you hold and overall, feel better about the way those trouble spots look. Remember our genetics, hormones, general lifestyle and yes, diet can definitely determine how much cellulite we accumulate.

So, how do you complete the dietary steps necessary to reduce cellulite? You must keep the body clean of toxins and this will in turn improve the situation. A good cellulite diet would include healthy lean proteins, such as chicken and fish (good source of essential fatty acids and antioxidants), certain fruits and vegetables known to be high in nutrients (think dark and red fruits – blue-, black-, straw-, cran- and rasp- “berries”), citrus fruits (oranges, apples and grapefruits) and red and green veggies (like spinach, peppers). Try to stay away from foods high in fat including meats, processed foods with sugar, soda and definitely alcohol. It’s not difficult, just try to be sensible in making choices.

Now that you know the dietary key to reduce cellulite, you can incorporate it into your program of exercise and cellulite treatments to know that you are doing everything possible to rid the body of toxins, stabilize a reasonable amount of body fat and keep the appearance of cellulite to a minimum. It can be done, it just takes a small commitment on your part.

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