Swishing Gowns and Make-Up Tips for Your Special Day

Wedding day is special in every woman’s life. A wedding day reminds you of wedding bells, white wedding dress swishing from side to side. First select your wedding dress; you can get it stitched or tailored. If you are buying it, do not leave it for the last moment, but order it giving the details of design to your tailor, so that you have time for trial and do the required altering. Choose your make up accordingly. Generally, wedding gowns are traditionally white in color but it can also be pink, peach or of any pastel shade or you can follow fashion blog to get ideas for the design.

Your makeup must reflect a happy glowing look. Buy foundation, compact, body shimmer, blush on, lipstick, lip-gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara. First clean you face with a cleanser suiting your skin type. Wipe off with wet cotton or wet wipes, apply toner followed by moisturizer. You’re ready to put on foundation. It is advisable; you do the same for exposed part of your body. Apply foundation with an applicator sponge for an even look. Then apply compact. Watch out for latest fashion updates, on wedding grooming if do not want to miss new tips on fashion.

Apply eye shadow and transparent mascara to define your lashes without looking bold, line your eyes with a shade darker than your eyeshadow. Apply blush on your cheeks, peach or pink is the ideal color. Outline your lips with lip liner. Apply lipstick finish your lip makeup with a dash of gloss. Buy your fashion resources intelligently, make-ups that you will continue using without trashing them later. Finish off your overall bridal makeup with a hint of body shimmer. Do not forget to do manicure, pedicure, facial at least once, a week before your wedding. Paint your nails. Brush your hair and set it with moose, your veil will cover up the rest. Now you are ready, just slip in your grand dress.

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