Tanning Bed Basics

There are several ways to get the perfect tan for all months of the year. The most obvious, as most know, is to sit in the hot sun and wait for the rays to hit you just right. Another option, for those that don’t want to spend hours outside, is to use a tanning bed. This particular option can give you the tan you want without having to spend countless hours in the sun.

Tanning beds function by producing a wavelength that is similar to the UV rays that come from the sun. As the rays hit your skin, your pigment begins to change. Over a certain number of sessions in a tanning bed you can expect that your skin will start to change, allowing you to get the color that you want.

The major advantage of a tanning bed is that you can go as often as you want (of course, not so much that you are burning and over-doing it), and each time you go it’s for a measured amount of time, and a measured amount of UV. Conversely, spending time outdoors is not easily measured, and the tanning results can vary based upon the weather conditions.

Of course, before you decide to use a suntan bed, make sure that you are prepared. Like going outdoors, you will need to have the right indoor suntan lotion to maximize your tanning results. The second preparation required for a tanning bed is to protect your eyes. Because the UV rays are moving directly to your skin, you should wear tanning bed goggles. This helps protect your eyes from the UV rays.

If you don’t necessarily like the great outdoors, why not try a sun tan bed? This is an option that can help you to get the tan that you want, without the hassle of going outside. Knowing what to expect, as well as understanding what a suntan bed will do can help you to move in the right direction for your tan. Why not relax? In half the amount of time you can be sure to get the skin color that you want.

Tanning beds vary in terms of UV output, UV strength, and time. Your skin type is also an important factor when considering a session in a tanning bed. Consult a tanning salon professional and a doctor in regards to how long and how often you should spend in any tanning bed.

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