The Natural Nose After Rhinoplasty – It Is Possible


Rhinoplasty surgery is considered the most difficult of all cosmetic surgical procedures. One of the reasons this is considered the case has to do with the aesthetic talents of the operating surgeon. Plastic surgical training is extensive, and the surgeons that finally get credentialed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery are highly qualified. They’re intelligent, smart, have mastered the academics and skill required by this prestigious organization, and are very capable.

However, rhinoplasty surgery, or cosmetic nose surgery, requires an aesthetic skill that is not teachable. A special talent is needed, which is born with that individual or is not. Just like you can teach art and can teach individuals the academics of painting and sculpture, there are only a few artists that turn out to be shining lights. The reason for this, is that inherent genetic trait that gives them a special edge to create masterpieces.

To achieve the natural nose, a surgeon has to have that special talent. A natural nose can be created and is absolutely doable no matter what type of nose an individual was genetically born with. It could be a large nose, large hump, wide tip, and thick skin. Surgery can always be performed by a competent surgeon to make the nose better and improved. However, to achieve that truly “natural” look requires a special inherent talent that lets the surgeon look at the individual as a whole, all the facial anatomy as a whole, the size of the individual, the size of their head, the shape of the skull, the facial bones, the location of the eyes, the lips, and the ears, and the location of the eyebrows and cheeks, and putting this whole picture together and basically having the nose blend in with the patient’s total body and, in particular, blend in with their face to look totally natural and unoperated.

This can be done with primary rhinoplasty or revisional rhinoplasty. The skill to create such a natural nose requires a special eye that the surgeon inherently must have to visualize the total picture plus the academic knowledge to create surgically such an end result. Patients should be aware that a natural-looking rhinoplasty result, or cosmetic nose surgery result, is absolutely possible, but they must be inherently careful in choosing a plastic surgeon and being sure that they feel comfortable that the surgeon has this particular talent, which is not teachable, by observing his results, talking to his patients, and truly checking out very carefully to be sure that that surgeon’s rhinoplasty results fit into the category of “the natural nose.”

Revision Rhinoplasty to Create the Natural Nose

All the above is true even with revision rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty surgeons who have this natural inherent talent to create a natural nose can do the same thing when performing revision rhinoplasty. It requires even an extra degree of skill over and beyond the skill for primary rhinoplasty; however, in proper hands, the natural nose can be created in many cases, but not in all cases, when performing revision rhinoplasty. Sometimes so much scar tissue is present, and the nose has been traumatized to such an extent that getting a totally natural result is not always possible; however, a surgeon with the talent, expertise, and the genetic disposition to create natural noses certainly has the highest probability of being able to do revision rhinoplasty and creating as natural a nose as possible, even under the difficult circumstances of doing revision rhinoplasty.

Dr. Clavin is a board certified plastic and recontructive surgeon practicing is Santa Monica, CA. Dr. Clavin’s background is wide and varied. He achieved remarkable recognition as a physician and surgeon at a very young age. He developed and patented the “Non Surgical Eyelift” as well as a complete line of Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C skin care products. He has appeared on National and Regional television many times. For a detailed explanation of Dr. Clavin’s background please visit his websites at and []

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