The Power Beneath Makeup

You are often in a hurry in the morning, and yet you want to dress up cute and look your best through the day. If so, stick to fresh and clean neutrals. In the night, you can intensify everything. Usually, your skin is in its most dewy state when you get out of bed. It’s not necessary to cover it up so intensely. A thin veil of water-based foundation is just enough. Omit the thick formulas as this will give your skin a non-oily, fresh and natural look. Thereafter, apply a concealer over blemishes and under-eye circles. Your circulation is usually sluggish in the morning making your cheeks pale. Falsify a subtle flush with a cream blush, then dust on translucent powder to set the makeup properly. That is how you will start your day looking fresh rather than fagged.

Are you often running out of time and yet you wish do something about your eyes? Choose earth tones as they are not only the easiest but also the fastest to wear. Sweep on a beige shadow, hitting your lash line, and crease with an additional layer. It brings a brightening and wakening effect on your eyes without making them look too strong and intense. Finish it off with mascara. When it comes to your lips, plump your pout in the morning since your body is just warming up. Bite your lips to increase blood circulation in the area, and then pat on balm. Stay clear of dark tints as they make you look harsher and older.

At the end of the day, your skin runs out of its hydration. Air-conditioning and heat in the night even speed up the process. You can offset this bone-drying effect by mixing your foundation with a light moisturizer to freshen up. Conceal the defects with an illuminating makeup pen. You will realize that your face gets rosier as the day progresses. Stress and caffeine make things even worse. They create extra redness by causing vessels to swell up under the skin. Avoid adding more blush. You just need to brighten your existing shed with a sweep of translucent shimmer highlighter.

The pupils in your eyes dilate and turn catlike at night to boost your visibility. Rim your upper and lower lash lines with eyeliner. Avoid using dark shades often as they can age your eyes faster. Use a lash comb to refresh your mascara by brushing out any flakes prior to applying a new coat. If people are not as critical as before, start wearing lipstick that is not too dark as well. The essence of all this, is to make you not look severe. Opt for a sexy and glossy finish to emphasize your pout.

Make up only works to a certain extent. You also need adequate rest and exercise to care for your skin at a cellular level. Vitamins such as Omega 3 and vitamin E will make your skin radiate more. A minimum of six hours of good night sleep is what your need. You will always look younger and healthier with sufficient rest and less stress.

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