What Types of Women’s Personal Care Products Are Safe For You and the Planet?


We pay attention to the safety of our cars. You strive to ensure your family eats healthy foods. Many of these facets of concern have been pounded into our heads since we were little girls. Unfortunately, this same scrutiny is not applied to items with which we come into the closest contact. Are you sure your women’s personal care products are safe?

Safe personal care products are a necessity for both your family and yourself. This ranges from your child’s soap to your collection of cosmetic products. Many women wrongly assume that cosmetics are just for fashion. This is not the case. A mineral cosmetic provides for both flawless appearing skin as well as UV ray protection. Safe cosmetics are both natural and often possess additional protective qualities.

Many undesirable ingredients work their way into commonly found women’s personal care products. Many cosmetic products are derived from petroleum products. These best remain in the tank of your car as opposed to residing on your skin. Mineral makeup, however, is fully natural and excludes micronized titanium dioxide which is another wonder of science best left in the lab as opposed to on your face. Safe cosmetics facilitate both healthy skin as well as beauty.

Safe personal care products are characterized by organic ingredients. This differentiates them from many popular products which contain a litany of potential irritants and allergy triggers. Shampoos and conditioners often contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which is best avoided. Similarly, deodorants with aluminum chlorhydrate are best left on the shelf as opposed to on the most sensitive of skin under your arms.

Women’s personal care products do not have to be manufactured with such ingredients. Many providers go the extra step to thoroughly scrutinize everything that goes into their products. They’ll produce a mineral cosmetic using kaolin clay instead of employing harsh artificial chemicals. As indicated, mineral makeup provides for a shield from the sun granting you additional years of wrinkle free skin.

It is not only women’s personal care products that require careful selection. Your entire family deserves the same benefits yielded to you from your organic cosmetic line. It is important to know what goes in everything from your kid’s toothpaste to your husband’s hair conditioner. Unfortunately, you know it is difficult enough to get them to pick up their clothes let alone be conscious of the compositions of the many products they reflexively use on a daily basis.

The chemicals used in many women’s personal care products don’t remain forever on your body. Upon bathing they end up swirling down the drain and right out into your local ecosystem. Many today are assuming personal responsibility for the substances they emit into the environment, and natural products allow for a feeling of satisfaction in this arena. Quality organic personal care products improve both your health as well as that of the wildlife around you.

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