Designer Scarves – A Surefire, Can’t Miss Gift

This holiday, when you are looking for the perfect gift for the perfect woman in your life, you will want to consider beautiful designer scarves look-a-likes that she will love and find highly practical. Scarfs garments are old, but no you’re not buying her used clothing. You are buying her great looking fashion accessories and a practical and beautiful garments that people from many cultures have been wearing for thousands of years.

Not sure if she will like this Fendi or Burberry look a like? It can be scary and perilous for a man to buy a woman clothing for Christmas, birthdays or holidays. However, an in style piece of clothes is a great gift to buy her. One of the things that makes designer type scarves great gifts to get is that you do not need to worry about size or color. You do not have to worry about size because its something a woman just wears over her shoulders. You do not have to worry about color because you can choose a few safe neutral colors that will look good with anything she wears. Anything you do need to know you’ll learn in this article.

The most important thing you want to know about is that it is designed not only for practical purposes of keeping her warm but its purpose on a woman’s shoulders is to make her look good. If you keep this at the forefront of your mind you should be fine. A scarf goes over the shoulders across the back and sometimes connects in the front. That means it “frames” the woman’s face so it is important to find one in a neutral color (that is, a solid color, no patterns, and nothing really outrageous) that complements her.

If the woman loves business and finance and is an executive or professional woman, then you may want to consider finding a slightly more expensive look that is smooth, with no frills or fringes around the edge, and is made of designer scarves in cashmere, velvet or merino. Consider one that is black, white, gray, or a deep color a blue or green. If the woman loves the outdoors and the fall and country living then you may want to consider a loose knit with fringes and browns and greens and rust color. Of course there are many variations of these are just two examples to give you an idea of what to think about.

A good rule of thumb is this: if your recipient is going to be dressed up more formally, then they should have a smooth richly colored scarf with no fringes. If the recipients spends her time in less formal settings, then something loosely knit is better.

If possible, find a designer scarf that matches the color of her eyes. (Even if she doesn’t like the scarf and has nothing to wear with it, she’ll love to hear that you bought it with her eye color in mind!)

For the guy looking to get a girl a great Christmas, birthday or just “love” gift, one of these beautiful gifts just may be the right one. It is safe and fashionable and if you follow the rules in this article, it is difficult to go wrong.

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