Fall 2007 Fashion – The Quintessential Black Jacket


After the cheerful summmer brights, fall and winter hit us with a sea of black. It figures. The designers would want us to buy a brand new wardrobe with each new season just to avoid looking out of place.

If you can afford just one item for fall, what would it be?

I would suggest you get a black jacket. The current jackets are mostly waist-length, or cinched at the waist either with a belt or cut to show off a woman’s curves. That is a classic look which you can wear from one year to another.

Add to the fact that the black on black look is so hot for Fall to Winter 2007, and the return of the skirt suit, the purchase of just 1 black jacket would update your entire fall wardrobe and take you through winter and many more seasons to come.

First of all, do you already own a black skirt?

That black jacket would turn a basic black skirt into a skirt suit. Two looks are fulfilled here, the black on black look and the skirt suit.

If you have a pair of black pants, your black jacket can turn that into a pant suit.

Your favourite black dress gets a lift with a black jacket, fitting in nicely with the black on black look that is so popular this season.

Since that black jacket is going to update your entire wardrobe, you would probably wear it many times over. Pick a jacket that you really love. Don’t worry if you have to pay more than normal. A cheap bargain basement jacket might be more expensive than you realize. It might cost you $19 but once you get home and try that with your other clothes, you would probably find that you look awful in it, that there is no way you would want to be seen in it so you would have thrown away $19 for just that 5 minutes worth of wear. Put it on, look in the mirror and toss it aside never to be worn again wear.

On the other hand, that absolutely gorgeous black jacket might set you back $800. But it looks so good on you and goes with everything you own in the wardrobw, you wear it every week, sometimes several times a week. It is a classic which you can wear year after year and is so well made, you could wear it for 10 years. Say you wear it once a week, autumn, winter and spring. That’s three quarters of a year. Which would mean you would wear it 39 times a year. Over 10 years, that would be 390 times. That would amount to $2.05 per wear, which is a lot cheaper than that $19 for 5 minutes wear never to be seen again jacket.

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