How To Find Proper Fitting Shoes When You Have Odd Sized Feet


If you have feet that are wide or narrow finding the right shoes can be an arduous task. I should know, not only do I have wide feet but from being a bodybuilder for over 30 years I have also created an issue for finding clothes to fit right due to being larger than the average gorilla!

You don’t have to go to the extreme of having shoes custom made to get the proper fit. With the internet it is now easier than ever before to find the correct shoe for your foot. People with narrow or wide feet do not have to settle for shoes that don’t fit anymore. Online, you can actually find vendors who sell nothing but odd size shoes for those with wide or narrow feet.

Many people think that the issue of wide feet is primarily a problem for men but this is not the case. Women have the problem as well. It is sometimes easier for women to deal with the issue of wider feet however due to the large array of sandals and strapped shoes available to them.

While men may not have as large a selection as women there are many merchants that specialize in shoes for men with narrow or wide feet in dress shoes, casual shoes as well as athletic footwear. You will also be pleasantly surprised to find that the prices aren’t as high as you would think for such specialty items. Just remember that due to this being a rarer product than that of the general public the inventory available may be limited and you may have to wait for the shoe you want to come in stock.

Another thing that one needs to bear in mind is that the fit of the shoe will vary depending on the style. This is most important for women who may need a different size when wearing heels than they do with a wedge for example. Even when shopping online this doesn’t have to be an issue, most reputable online footwear stores offer a liberal free return policy to alleviate the fear of being stuck with shoes that don’t fit properly.

Some women are embarrassed to have large feet but they need not be. Having large feet is not a derogatory thing and does not make you an ogre so get over it! It’s funny because some men who have small and narrow feet have feelings of inferiority as well. Who cares about what size your feet are? That’s what makes the world so interesting, diversity. It also creates markets for different products. Whether you have feet that are larger and wider than that of the general population or feet that are narrow, the best selection you will find anywhere can be had on the internet.

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