How To Look Slimmer – Instantly!


Did you know that the clothing styles you choose can have a major impact on your apparent weight? Choosing the right clothes for your body shape and makes all the difference. Here are 10 simple tricks you can use to look slimmer almost instantly!

You can lose approximately 3-5 lbs (1-2kgs) with each point listed below. Choose a maximum of 5 points per outfit:

1. Vertical Lines

A vertical design line that causes the eye to run uninterrupted up and down the body has an incredible power to make you appear slimmer and taller. Vertical stripes in particular are great at making you appear slimmer, but be careful with the stripes you choose. The wider the stripe and the further apart they are spaced, the less impact they have. Thin to medium stripes placed close together have the most impact.

2. Good Posture

Simply standing up straight will always make you appear slimmer. Standing correctly makes your clothes hang properly and elongates the body. This can take practice but it is a great habit to get into, both for your appearance and your health.

3. Underwear

Wearing great foundation garments will help to keep everything firm and in place. Just wearing the correct size and style of bra for your body can do wonders, so get professionally fitted at least once a year or more often if you are losing or gaining weight, pregnant or breastfeeding. Also, wearing a light, loose camisole under your clothes can help to hide stomach rolls.


Wearing dark coloursover a figure challenge can help to visually reduce your size. It doesn’t have to be black; charcoal, navy and chocolate all work well too. Just make sure the colour that is framing your face comes from your best colour palette. There is no point looking slimmer if you also look washed out and tired.

If you are short, wearing dark colours on the lower half of your body can give the appearance of extra height. Keeping colour contrast to a minimum also helps, so if you wear skirts, choose hosiery that gently blends in colour with your shoes and hemline.

5. Fabric

As a general rule you want to avoid wearing bulky, textured fabrics over your largest area. Instead, choose fine to medium textured fabrics that drape and skim over your body, rather than cling. Also remember to choose matte (non-shiny) fabrics. Shiny fabrics like satin catch the light and will show up every lump and bump.

6. Shape

Lots of women go for very loose clothing with the hope of hiding extra weight. This can have the opposite affect and make you appear larger than you actually are. Instead choose clothes with some shape and make the most of your figure.

7. Accessories

Wearing an accessory high on your body can be a great way to attract attention away from a figure challenge. A scarf, brooch or great earrings can act as a focal point, drawing the eye up to your face. Always choose medium sized accessories – anything chunky can add weight and anything too fine will disappear.

8. Prints & Patterns

If you are overweight chances are you avoid prints and patterns, however you can wear them successfully. Always choose prints with a dark rather than light background. You should also choose prints where the repeat is not obvious and there is very little or no background colour showing. This will confuse the eye and visually reduce weight.

9. Shoes

The chunkier the shoe and more rounded the toe, the heavier you will appear. The best shoes for reducing apparent weight have a thin sole, medium to high heel and reasonably pointed toe. Stay away from mules and ankle straps, instead go for shoes that show more of your foot, creating a long line and visually elongating your legs.

10. Simplicity

Above all, keep your total appearance simple and elegant.

A personal image consultation will show you exactly which colours and styles of clothes are right for you, but these simple tricks will help to you look slimmer, instantly!

Susan Lockhart King is a qualified Image Consultant in Australia and owner of Synergy Image Consulting. Want to make the most of your appearance and dress for success, no matter what size, age or shape you are? Create your own personal style portfolio in just minutes by visiting []

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