How To Organize Your Neckties

There are plenty of varieties of men’s necktie and belt organizers on today’s market, all of which are designed to help you sort out and organize your tie collection. When choosing a necktie rack, first determine the depth of your closet if you will be purchasing a motorized version to make sure it’s measurements doesn’t exceed the space available in your closet after the door is closed. Select tie, belt and scarf organizers which will accommodate your present needs as well as allow extra space for future additions. Also, a good rule of thumb is to measure beneath shelves and inside closets to ensure an accurate fit.

To help you decide which one is right for you, here is a list of various organizers and brief descriptions:

  • CLOTHES HANGER TIE RACK: Resembles a standard wooden clothes hanger with a flat, triangular shape. Pegs are attached on the lower piece horizontally to drape ties over. Hooks are attached to hang belts from.
  • MOTORIZED TIE RACK: Mounts on closet pole and automatically rotates necktie and belt assortment for wrinkle-free storage. It is an excellent choice for the executive or the man-on-the-go. This ingenious device also features a light which runs on batteries to help select a tie quickly and easily.
  • OVER-THE-DOOR HANGING TIE RACK: A metal or steel organizer with a square-shaped hook on top which hangs vertically from the top of the door and has rectangular units to drape ties through. Great choice for tight spaces.
  • ROTATING HANGER TIE RACK: A long, narrow board with pegs on all four sides to drape ties over, which is attached to a swivel hook at the top. Rotates completely around 360 degrees for easy access.
  • WALL MOUNTED TIE RACK: Affixes to walls, beneath shelves or inside closets using standard hardware or an adhesive backing. Some of these organizers resemble towel racks with removable hangers to neatly store scarves, ties and belts. Others are simply flat wooden or plastic bases with hooks or pegs attached.

Keeping your business attire neat and tidy saves time and energy. Rather than the morning ritual of searching desperately at the last minute for your accessories, keep them in one location and free up much needed drawer space by using one or more of the above mentioned items. Whether it’s Grad, Dad or Granddad, these items also make wonderful gift ideas!

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