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White metals like tungsten rings and titanium jewelry are set to sparkle with pizzazz this fall as the clothing trends lean towards cool, crisp and tailored. Look for grays and reds to replace the traditional fall colors for clothing as gold and silver give way to tungsten, platinum, titanium and palladium. Jewelry in general is a hot ticket this fall, but white metals bring the perfect balance to fall wardrobes. As the standout colors in fashion, nothing offsets shades of red or gray better than tungsten and titanium. Sleek, sexy and stylish tungsten rings convey a look of professionalism with a blend of contemporary class.

With the simple and almost masculine lines of tailored trends, big, bold and sleek jewelry designs create the perfect offset for the structure of buttoned up looks guaranteed to be seen in fall fashions this year. Paired with a prominent titanium necklace, tungsten rings and chunky titanium heart bracelet, your everyday basic separates can go from drab to shine. Sparkle and glimmer are starting early this season and tungsten is the ideal element to make a statement without looking like a New Years Eve explosion in your closet.

When it comes to tungsten and titanium jewelry, there are many excellent options available at wide range of price points. Tungsten is a bit heavier than some metals, but the versatility and sleekness are comforting. In addition, tungsten rings are extremely durable. Scratch resistant, corrosion defiant and virtually indestructible, tungsten jewelry maintains its luster, gleam and shine long after the initial debut. With lifetime sizing programs and warranties, you can’t beat the investment in this fashion must have.

Tungsten rings, watches and necklaces are not only ideal for fall attire, but they can represent the perfect transitional accessories. From day to evening wear or season to season, tungsten and titanium jewelry can work in a simple and understated manner to bold and seasonal transitions. The cool and contemporary look of titanium and tungsten are excellent for evening or day time accessorizing. Tungsten offers a luxurious feel of style, class and comfort. Light enough for everyday enjoyment, yet elegant enough to pair with formal wear. Tungsten rings may be worn in sets or as an individual piece.

Whether you go for a classic tungsten ring simple in form, or the more intricate designs such as two tone rings, there are many styles and options you can choose from. For necklaces, rings and bracelets, diamonds can also be included. Regardless of your style or preference, you can find titanium or tungsten rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches or cufflinks online from reputable dealers. One of my favorite online retailers is Unlike other online retailers, has a complete brick and mortar store that offers custom fine jewelry, antique and estate pieces in addition to their full line of titanium and tungsten jewelry.

Featuring top designers like Edward Mirell(TM) you can find a variety of styles and designs to match flawlessly with your fabulous fall fashions. For the latest designs and best deals on titanium jewelry, tungsten rings and accessories, visit

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