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Sometimes, you don’t need to go to the store to get the makeup essentials you need, which is something that Mary Kay cosmetics has proven over the years. They revolutionized the make up industry when Mary Kay Ash founded the company in September of 1963. Currently, there are more than 200 Mary Kay products that serve the needs of people of all ethnic origins and backgrounds. The quality of Mary Kay cosmetics is generally much higher than any other brands you can find in a drug or department store. The colors are vibrant and true to what they look like in the packaging, and will stay on your face all day long. Truly, when you wear Mary Kay cosmetics your makeup looks as though you just put it on, even if you haven’t touched it up for hours.

Besides the high quality of the product line, the Mary Kay cosmetics company is one that is socially responsible. Unlike many of the brand’s competitors, Mary Kay cosmetics are cruelty free and are not tested on animals. The company also looks out for its own, and when sales associates meet or exceed company expectations they are handsomely rewarded. The classic example of such a reward is are the pink Cadillacs that the company gives top earners.

The key to the success of Mary Kay cosmetics lies in the hands of the sales associates and managers that sell the products to the general public. Instead of having to go shopping for cosmetics, you can invite a sales representative into your home to do a free demonstration. They encourage you to invite some friends over and have a girl’s night in, complete with free makeover. Their staff is highly trained in making women look beautiful, and if you’ve ever seen a makeover in action you’re likely to agree.

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