Men’s Fashion Tips: Hanging Suits the Right Way


Before hanging your suit jackets into your wardrobe, it will be advisable to use the clothes brush to brush them frequently after wearing. It helps to removes dirt and lint buildup on the suit. It also helps to rejuvenate the wool and prevent it from shining.

A very important aspect of men’s suits care is to always have your suit jackets hung on good coat hangers that entail broad, rounded shoulder supports.

No matter how long your suit is left on it, the support from the hangers will keep your suit jackets in shape.

So avoid those miserable metal wire hangers for your suits. They will never be able to lay a good foundation for hanging any mens suits.

Have ample space within your wardrobe. It allows your suit jackets to hang and drape nicely without creasing.

Unbutton the suit jackets and remove any items in the pockets. This will not strain and weigh on the jacket’s pocket to keep it in its original shape.

Keep your suit in a garment bag that can “breathe” and not one that is fully enclosed. If you are not going to use a garment bag, then it would be good to just cover the shoulder portion to avoid dust accumulation.

Hang your suits to “air” for about 24 hours before putting into the wardrobe. It will help dry up any moisture trapped in your suit before being introduced into the wardrobe. It also helps to rejuvenate wool since it is a natural fiber.

If a hanger is not available, fold your suit jackets inside out with shoulders touching. By doing so, it prevents any possible dirt or lint staining on the outer fabric of the suit. Then either lay the suit jacket flat or drape it over a chair.

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