Nike Retro Shoes – Buy a Pair and Walk on Air!


Samples of the Nike Retro series, on prominent display atop glazed glass shelves, in up market metro show rooms; give one the impression that they are Air borne.

In fact there is an Air of confidence in their display angles and bright colours that seemingly beckon passers by to step in and witness the Air Legend.


Each one of them seem to call out to the window shoppers peeping in through the large glass panels facing the street.

The peeping Toms’ querulous expression asks “which one is for whom?” Can a trainee sport a Trainer, or is the Air Mowabb a more appropriate option?

And how does one choose the colour? Should it match current personality, or other accessories that one may feel compelled to purchase in the near future (in the anticipation of a clearance sale). Well come on in, make a choice- JUST DO IT.


Walk in confidently, glance around, pick up a pair, put it down; pick up another, check the feel, feel the heel, put it on, stride around, take it off, and put it back on the shelf or you can leave it lying around. The showroom attendant will put it back, while you move on.

Repeat your moves on the next line up. “Retro-grade, assets, till you make the final choice – JUST DO IT.


Oh there is always a problem with plenty! Isn’t it? Wider the range, deeper the dilemma! Well then, which one?

Though the result of the Air adventure and inspection of the enticing array is tempting enough to warrant an Air Raid, the prices ranging from $89.99 to $145 makes one contemplate donning a Nike Kobe, Dunking Low and executing a speedy exit (without paying the bill) JUST DO IT.

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