Swim Suit Fashion in 2007 and in the Early Times!


Swim suits worn by American women have certainly come a long way since the late nineteen century era, when women had to cover up by wearing specially designed woolen swim dresses. Modesty had to be upheld at all costs, and trying to stay afloat wearing this type of swim suit would have been so very difficult as all the layers became waterlogged. Wouldn’t these women be shocked to see the latest trend in swim suits today, particularly the thong bikini which is regarded as the sexiest and stylish of all swim wear?

Swimsuits and designer swim wear caters for an enormous variety of shapes and sizes. Swim suits have to stretch over bulges and bumps and still look attractive when the mission is accomplished. This can be no mean feat when we take a cross section of the population and put a swim suit on them. Most of us at some stage in our lives will own a swim suit, whether it is a child’s swim suit or a swim suit for a teenager or adult. The opportunity does come along where we can visit the beach or a pool where a swim suit will be a necessity. When choosing a tonkini there are rules that one should follow so that your swim suit will be as flattering to your shape as possible. Not many of us are fortunate enough to own the body of a swim suit model, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t look good.

Now the latest fashion trends and in swim suits and swimwear mode can be seen in bikinis, bandinis, tankinis and of course the classic one piece swim suits. Bathing wear doesn’t have to be brief to look good; some of the one piece swim suits can look even sexier leaving a little more to the imagination.

Getting a qualified sales attendant to help with styles is always valuable when buying a swim suit as they know which cut is more flattering to which figure type. Things like the cut of the leg are really important when buying a new one-piece tonkini. Design also plays a very important role in beachwear, large floral designs will not look so good on the larger figure, and nor will horizontal stripes. Color is also very important in swimsuits. White looks great with a tan, but it will be very difficult to keep it looking like new. We all would like to look good in a swim suit, and choosing a swimsuit is easy with the huge range of styles available. Not only that, but swimwear is made to suit any budget, if you can afford diamond trimmed bikinis then you will be able to find them.

Taking note of care instructions when you purchase your beachwear will prolong its life. Chlorinated water from swimming pools is fairly damaging to swim suits and should be rinsed out. Fading and eventual rotting of the elastine will be the result of neglect. On the whole though, swim suits are one item that are very easy to care for, as they need minimal washing usually just a good rinse will do.

I’ll see you parading on Florida’s beaches this summer, 2007!

Swim suits are Livia Monroe’s summer passion. She studies the latest trends and reveals her findings on her website Swimwear Swimsuits [http://swimwearswimsuits.org]

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