The Secret To Being Your Own Best Personal Stylist


Wouldn’t life be great if we had our own personal stylist at our disposal anytime we needed her? Someone who could go shopping for us, buy exactly what is perfect for us, organize our wardrobe, and know the latest and best styles? However, for most of us, this remains a dream. So, let’s look at reality and see how you can take a creative, energetic, results-oriented approach to your own styling. Yes, you can become your own best personal stylist! The Secret to being your own best personal stylist is really following a system, enrolling a trusted friend, dedicating some time and adding a sprinkle of your own innate creativity. I can hear you now – I don’t have the time, nor am I creative… Believe me, the TV won’t miss you while you dedicate some time toward your own style. And I firmly believe that everyone has creativity – you just need to unleash it. I’m convinced that if you follow the system discussed, you’ll see how easy and fun it is.

Let’s look at where to start off:

1. Start off by creating a look book for yourself. Buy a fun notebook, cut out pictures from magazines, circulars, etc. of clothes and accessories, which jump out for you, and paste them in your notebook. The pictures should represent the look you want, and not be reflective of what you currently subscribe to. Add words to your look book by describing how you plan to achieve the look of your own style according to your personal and professional lifestyle roles and goals. This may take some time to find exactly what you’re looking for. Just enjoy the process and think how delicious and fun it is.

2. Purge your wardrobe. Set up a date with a trusted and honest friend to help you out. Now that you have your look book as a guide, try on all your existing clothes. Here are the rules you and your friend need to apply: a) if the clothes and accessories make you feel great, keep them; if not – donate or discard; b) if they make you shine and bring out your features – they’re a keeper; c) say ciao to the stained, the untended, the unworn impulse buys, the clothes that no longer fit (yes, I believe you that you’re planning on losing those few pounds to fit in them again; however, when you do, reward yourself with something better!). With your look book in hand and self-esteem now firmly planted, keep your wardrobe simple and desirable, only stocked with clothes you love wearing. Don’t hoard for the “when I lose weight or this will come back in style one day again”. Operate a policy of one in, one out.

3. Invest in yourself and your wardrobe. Now that you’ve taken some cleansing steps to purge your wardrobe, you’ll need to find some wonderful additions to complement your new style. However, before you go out there ferociously refilling the closet, keep in mind that you’re now taking the simple approach. Firstly, develop a budget for your clothing and fashion accessory expenditures. It’s not worth going into debt and then not enjoying your new wonderful style. Secondly, develop a shopping list of what you need before you even leave the house. Thirdly – this is how you go about shopping:

a) When you buy one item, like a skirt or pants, keep going until you’ve snapped up the right top, shoes and bag to match. Think outfits, not solitary garments.

b) Always keep fit in mind. Get it right, and clothes and accessories will always flatter.

c) Be color savvy. Pastels are tricky. They can turn the freshest complexion sallow and make your body look larger. All-black seems easy, but can be very severe. Always match it with a bright and complimentary color in jewelry, bag, top or jacket. Or try a different, softer dark such as chocolate, burgundy, midnight, or charcoal. Cream, pearl grey or bright shades are more flattering near the face than black, which emphases under-eye bags and lines. Experiment in front of a well-lit mirror by holding different colors to your face. Have your trusted friend advise which ones flatter you and which ones drain all color from your face.

As you are venturing down your path as your own best personal stylist, keep in mind that personal style is a learned behavior, a simple and gradual process of training your eye to lock onto your best silhouettes and proportions in any season, any year. Style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Onassis weren’t born with the skill, they developed it by honoring themselves, learning what looked good and most importantly what made them feel best about themselves. Here’s to your coming out as your own best personal stylist!

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