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Anyone and everyone no matter what size or age can wear a thong. One can even find children wearing thongs. Thongs thereby find a place in almost anyone’s clothes chest no matter what age they are. Bikinis almost took about fifteen years to be accepted in the United States but thongs still are no that widely accepted.

A bikini becomes a thong when the lower part has been reduced to a size that it disappears into the buttocks. Swimsuit manufacturers still keep reducing the size.

A bit of material and a few strings have been twisted, pulled at, bent, expanded and compressed to create different styles of thongs. Some of these creations are stunning, breathtaking and attention seeking.

One can pick out thongs in different materials and styles. A wide variety of colors and stunning prints are available to choose from. Most of the thongs are daring and different designed specifically for the daring at heart who wants to grab attention either at the beach or while lounging around the pool. The thongs have a lingerie feeling to it. It is ideal when one does not want her panty lines to show while one wears a skintight trouser. It can also be worn with low waist trousers. The sleek styles with the gorgeous colors enhance the flirty feeling. Each year sees more comfortable, sexier and much prettier designs. Due to the comfort factor a lot of women prefer thongs instead of underwear. A lot of children too wear thongs but most schools have a rule against wearing a thong. Parents don’t encourage the use too at such a young age.

Thongs are for women with a daring attitude. The discovery of the stretchable fabric, Lycra allowed for the creation of tinier pieces. Some of the thongs have more strings than fabric on them. Thus daring young women wear thongs to show off their back by forgoing all the rear coverage.

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