Using 2006 Celebrity Hairstyle Pictures In 2007

2006 celebrity hairstyle pictures can tell us a lot about the main features of hair fashion for that year. Just a look at a website like shows that there are some great examples that you can learn from. If you want to know what is hot and what’s not in hair this year then give it a whirl. Just a taster of 2006 celebrity hairstyle pictures will teach you something about what’s going on.

Long Styles seen in 2006 celebrity hairstyle pictures

Just take a look at Diora Bird’s hair and you’ll see one of the things that 2006 celebrity hairstyle pictures shows is the importance of a good cut. If you have long hair and you want it to be one length, with the exception of the sides that are framing the face and neck, then you can’t beat a good cut. Some straightening has been used in this style, either with a flat iron or custom made straighteners, along the front however, is blown dry towards the centre giving the cut plenty of movement.

Celebrity Variety

Just a look over the 2006 celebrity hairstyle pictures of Reece Witherspoon demonstrate just how many different styles can be developed from one basic cut and style. The styles work particularly well on medium to long hair. Over the course of the year you’ll see that Reece is slowly moving away from the golden blonde look to a style with several different shades ranging from mid blonde to light brown. While the press might find the use of the same basic style ‘stuck’ it is quite clear that Reese finds a number of ways to wear it. Loose curls framing her face is achieved with large heated rollers – or simply pin it back with some trailing curls, or pinned up at the top and rolled and flicked at the bottom. 2006 celebrity hairstyle pictures can teach you a lot about what can be done with one basic style and the different looks that can be achieved.

Layered Looks

If you like the layered look then there is plenty to choose among the 2006 celebrity hairstyle pictures, in fact you can learn just how versatile a layered haircut can be. Maria Menounos, Kelly Carlson and even veteran actress Kathleen Turner all sport layered hairstyles in the 2006 celebrity hairstyle pictures. Turner’s hair is permed and then layered at the bottom for ease of styling and a carefree look. Kelly Carlson’s hair is short, full of layers and swept back off the forehead, but be careful not everyone can wear this style. Maria Menounos’ look is achieved with the use of velcro rollers. The style is best achieved by taking out the rollers while the hair is still damp, then using a little styling gel pull into place by finger combing.

There are websites available these days that you can use to upload your photo and see what hairstyles will look best on you! This helps takes the guesswork out of using 2006 celebrity hairstyle pictures as a guide for your next hairstyle!

This free video shows you how to try on 5,000 different hairstyles just by clicking your mouse! 2006 Celebrity Hair Style Pictures

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