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If you are in need of a few hundred purses, you might be in the market for wholesale purses. Many retailers will purchase their purses wholesale, and turn around and sell the purses at retail price making a few bucks off of each one. That is the way that most businesses do business, and make money. However, someone just starting off in the purse selling business may not know where to go to find wholesale purses.

The first place that you should look for wholesale purses is online. Doing a search online is sure to bring up many results for purses that are at wholesale prices. You will want to be sure that the company you deal with is reputable, and that they are not a scam first. The best place for you to check out a company’s reputation is the better business bureau. If there is anyone that the company has scammed, the better business bureau will have a record of it.

Another great place that you can look for wholesale purses while you are looking online is at Ebay. Simply going to the site, and searching for purses that are sold wholesale is sure to bring you many results. There are a lot of wholesalers on Ebay, and you are sure to find one that sells purses among other things. Be sure that you see a picture of the purses that you are considering buying and that you ask any questions about them before you place a bid. Another good idea is to check out the buyer feedback as well. When you cover all of these things you are sure to make a good buy, and get the deal that you are looking for.

You might want to check out the yellow pages of the telephone book to find a good deal on wholesale purses. If there are any wholesale dealers in your local area, they will be listed there, and they might even have the purses that you are looking for. You can call any general wholesalers that you might find in the yellow pages, and ask them if they know of any wholesalers that sell purses. This is an excellent way to get leads for other wholesalers, and you just might find the one that sells purses like you are needing.

As you can see, there are many places that you can look for wholesale purses. Once you have found a wholesaler that you want to do business with, you will want to ask about the minimum purchase, to see exactly how many you will have to purchase to get the purses at this wholesale price.

Following all of the tips above to make sure that you find the best wholesale dealer for your purses will pay off in the end. You might even want to ask them if you can buy purses at wholesale prices that are the same, or if the purses are all different. When you have a nice variety to choose from and you are reselling the purse, you will find that you are sure to sell more. You might even have a customer come to you and buy more than one for herself when you offer different styles and brands.

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