Alternative Hair Loss Treatment Options

Mention hair loss to most people and the first things that come to mind are wigs and hair plugs. Today there are many other options available, options that vary in price and method. Some require visits to specialists and clinics while others can be managed in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The purpose of scalp massage is to loosen the scalp which assists the penetration of medication into the skin. Massage is also believed to increase the surface blood supply which is believed to carry materials necessary for the formation of embryonic hair follicles.

The steamer treatment affects the scalp the same way that a sauna treatment does your entire body. It opens up the pores, allowing for the expulsion of pore clogging wastes. This can be done in you own bathroom using hot towels wrapped around the head with one of many available products or else in an actual sauna. If using an actual sauna the effects will through your entire body.

Laser treatment is a relatively new concept in hair loss treatment. This high tech method involves the use of a low voltage beam that is pulsated across the scalp stimulating the follicle which makes the hair grow. As with many high tech methods this is rather costly, requiring 30 treatments at a clinic and can cost several thousand dollars.

Almost every clinic offers a range of private label hair care products including hair tonics, shampoos, conditioners and cleaners. There are clinics that “prescribe” an extensive course of treatment with these products that may last for several months. These custom products are by their nature and design quite expensive. There are those that believe that they cost much more than they are worth.

Anyone considering beginning an intensive and extensive course of alternative treatment for hair loss should do some research. Inquire what the three main ingredients of the product are and consult with a medical professional as to whether those ingredients are known to make a big difference for individuals suffering from hair loss. Inquire about a free sample of the product. This will allow you to try it before you buy. If samples are not available this may tell you everything you need to know about the product; especially, that the company has little faith in their products. Additionally, this can tell something about the company. Check your available options before deciding which way you want to go.

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